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Need advice about egg donation

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I am 32 years old and my doctor tells me that my supply of eggs is too small. The doctor recommends me to freeze the eggs and consider a surrogacy.
This is what I read about this procedure:
Regarding surrogate motherhood - in addition to the traditional method, there is also a surrogate frozen embryo transfer.
Cryopreservation - freezing in liquid nitrogen in compliance with the technology - allows you to save embryos. Subsequently, embryo replanting after cryopreservation is possible in the natural cycle, that is, endometrial stimulation is not needed. If a woman has an irregular cycle, then stimulation is indicated, and then embryo transfer is performed after cryopreservation.

But I need to know what are the other doctors thinking about this.
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replied March 8th, 2019
As far as I know ( I am not a doctor), egg freezing is a pretty common thing. You can go through a few stimulation cycles and collect some amount of eggs. And if you go for gestational surrogacy, your babies will be carried and born by a very healthy woman. That's a better choice as for me
However, I am not sure why your doctor recommends you a surrogacy program. IVF or ICSI is still an option for you. Only if you do not have any other condition that forbids you to carry a baby.
My agency WCOB is a good option if you are still considering all of the above.
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replied August 21st, 2019
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I'm sorry you've found yourself in a tough situation. I thought this information would be useful for you:
There ARE methods that allow the majority to become parents. Even in the most hopeless cases!!
Mitochondrial donation is one of unique methods to beat infertility. I usually write about it because the method is really amazing. It allows a woman who couldn’t conceive a baby for years to get pregnant and carry a healthy child. The correct work of egg mitochondria, that is their active functionality contributes to the successful conception. Consequently, if there's the issue with this activity, then it is necessary to implant healthy donor mitochondria. The mitochondrial donation program includes three main elements: #1 A donor with normal healthy mitochondria. # 2 A mother’s egg cell. # 3 Father’s sperm cell. Donor mitochondria allow the eggs of the infertile patient to work as it is necessary for successful conception. At the same time, a donor egg cell is not needed. Only mitochondria with high functional activity!! This method is highly effective for 40+ women to become pregnant, who aren't willing to conceive through ivf with donor egg. It is also designated for patients who have faced numerous IVF failures. Thanks to the new method, the chances of a successful pregnancy increase significantly. It is much easier to achieve the desired pregnancy with functionally active mitochondria.
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replied August 21st, 2019
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Have you also considered sth like the following?~
package 39.900 euros (egg donation package with possibility of moving to surrogacy):
1 or 2 Embryo Transfers;
Medical treatment (they do not to have an age limit for egg donation programs);
Medications needed before transfer and 3 months after;
Egg donor fee;
Sperm donor (if needed);
Pregnancy monitoring till 12th week
Services of the coordinator in charge of the program;
Accommodation; Meals; Transfer from/to the airport and from/to the clinic.
In case of switching to surrogacy you are provided with services included into surrogacy package of your choice.
PGD/PGS (included in surrogacy packages only).
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