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Neck tightness after heart attack

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My dad had a suspected heart attack last week - he has to wait two weeks to see the specialist (which as an aside i think is ludicrous)

He is experiencing some very light tightness around his neck, he said its a bit like wearing a very light scarf - as though he can feel the fabric and his neck is slightly warmer. He says his neck feels a little fatter as well (this is permanent, the scarf feeling comes and goes) - he has been given aspirin and a load of other drugs to take every day, then a spray for emergencies.

I'm just curious about this light tightness around the neck - have other people suffered this? Part of the problem is he feels incredibly conscious of everything. His 'heart attack' (/suspected) didnt affect his arms or chest, just his neck and jaw.

The whole things a nightmare, especially as the longer he has to wait the more time he has to mull it over and worry.
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