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neck pain, blood clots, tingling & headaches after ethmoidec

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I am 20 years old and I had a bilateral FESS on my ethmoid sinuses. I have had about 5 sinus infections in the past year, and always seem to be sick. After trying antibiotic after antibiotic, my ENT did a CT scan and confirmed that i had chronic sinusitis. He actually told me after he put that long camera into my nose that I had "pretty impressive sinus disease." He wanted to try one last round of antibiotics and prednisone treatment. That didn't work, so we decided to do surgery.

Today is Sunday, I had the surgery on Monday morning. No complications, and my ENT told me that the mucus in my ethmoid sinuses was unusually thick, and that I'm either dehydrated or that my body just produces thick mucus. He gave me Augmentin and Lortab for the pain. I had packing in from Monday to Friday and on Friday he pulled those suckers out. There wasn't any bleeding like he had warned me of but the pain was one of the most painful things I've experienced in my short 20 years. He instructed me to use a sinus rinse twice daily and to see him again in a week? a couple weeks? I don't really remember because I was pretty woozy after him pulling the packing out - I have a weak stomach - but my mom made the appointment for coming in for what I assume is going to be the suction and removal of any crusts.

I have a few questions:

I got the NeilMed since douche and Friday night I did the irrigation and I had pretty big blood club looking material come out. It didn't relieve the pressure or pain very much. Saturday I did the irrigation 3 times, once in the morning again with huge leech-like blood clots coming out with some relief of pressure, once at night with the huge blood clots with a little relief of pressure but it felt like I needed to do it again so I waited an hour and did it again, one little blood clot came out with no relief. This morning and this evening I did the irrigation with the huge blood clots coming out, no relief of the pressure.

Q: Is it normal for these big giant blood clots to be coming out? Why am I rarely getting relief from the irrigation? Am I irrigating often enough by doing it 2-3 times a day?

During the week I had the gauze under my nose, the elastic sling thing I was given to hold the gauze in place was painful to my nose, it seemed too tight but without it the gauze felt like it was falling off. Friday after the packing was removed, I didn't have to tape the gauze under my nose anymore and without the gauze, I started to notice a strange sensation around my nostrils and on the cartilage between by nostrils, like a numbness/tingling sensation. By the end of the day Friday the numbness had spread to my cheeks and upper lip, it wasn't total numbness it was just a decrease in sensation. Saturday it was the same thing, and today its not very noticeable at all.

Q: Was the numbness/tingling sensation a normal thing? Was it from some sort of pressure on my facial nerves?

Saturday night I was on my laptop trying to look up answers, I ended up looking stuff up for hours. I have OCD and generalized anxiety which is why I spent hours doing that... I was up until 3am because of a combination of that urge to look up the information, the pressure/pain of my sinuses, and nausea from either the meds or swallowing so much bloody mucus all day. by 3am my neck was a bit stiff I assumed from being on the computer for so long in my bed, which isn't great for the neck posture-wise. I woke up at 11am and ran some errands with my mom, I've had a terrible headache all day in different places on my head. Earlier it was a sharp pain in the back right part of my head, sometimes my entire head was just pounding, and later on including currently, it's a dull steady pain in my forehead, occasionally throbbing if I change position too fast. My neck has been steadily more painful and I get some relief from the neck pain by resting my head on a pillow lying totally flat on my bed, that limits the pain to the base of my head where it meets my neck.

Q: Should I be alarmed by the neck pain because of the possible risk of meningitis? How do I know if it's cause for alarm or just from being on the laptop so long?

Also, this morning the right side of my throat was sore, it still hurts when I swallow and when I open my mouth wide.

Q: I know I was supposed to notify my doc if I had a persistent fever or sore throat, it hasn't even been a whole day of soreness so I wouldn't consider it persistent, but what could have caused the sore throat? Is it just my tonsils reacting to all the post nasal drip?

Q: What can I do for the pressure/pain? I'm saving that last Lortab for before the suction which I've heard is pretty painful, and I know I'm not supposed to take ibuprofen for another week because of bleeding risk or something like that, but I feel like any more acetaminophen, especially taking it every day for this pain will hurt my liver.

Any advise is helpful and appreciated, I've been so stressed out about everything going on with me since this surgery and over thinking every little thing. My doctor didn't fill out the part of the form where he's supposed to give me a phone number where I can contact him 24 hours a day, so I almost went to the emergency room Friday night when I noticed the tingling feeling because I was convinced I was having a delayed severe reaction to Augmentin. Should I call my doctor about any of these things I'm experiencing or am I overreacting to a normal recovery from this surgery? Thank you for reading, please let me know if you have any answers or suggestions.
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