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Neck nodules

My mother came to me with a lump on the front left side near the base of the neck. She went to the Dr within a few days and he suspected a goiter. Tsh, t4, t3,and t7 were normal. An ultrasound of her thyroid showed 2 cysts on the right side of her neck and 3 nodules on the left and recommended further testing. She has now gone for a Thyroid uptake scan and the results were completely normal. This is extremely worrisome to me I'm suspicious that these nodules are in her lymphnodes now. The large lump on her neck is visibly larger within the past month. She sees an endocrinologist next week. What are the next steps a CT or MRI? Could this be lymphoma? Oh and as a medical history she is 56 yrs old, has Epstein Barr virus, chronic fatigue, osteoporosis.
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