Hi, I have not posted anything like this before so I don't know if I'm in the right place or not but Has Anyone had a swelling on the neck that turned out to just be a cyst? I saw my GP yesterday after being advised by my asthma nurse because of a lingering cough and cold and what i thought was just a swollen gland. i put it down to smoking and a auto immune disease of the skin i was diagnosed with last year called hidradentis superrativa and cause I'm still under investigation for it and its not been very well researched yet, I struggle with knowing what symptoms relate to that or might be something else. So figgured id just mention them at my asthma review on Monday, my nurse suggested I see the GP so I got an appointment for yesterday, told him whats going on had him look at the lump and he referred me for a fasting blood test and chest x ray which I had both of this morning and has referred me for a ultrasound on my neck he said I should get that in about 1 weeks time.
When I asked what he thinks it could be he said it could be a cyst or it could be something sinister. He looked quite anxious which has in turn made me feel anxious. Hospital said I should get my chest and blood results back mon/Tuesday and to make an appointment with my doctor to discuss them. Curious if anyone has experienced this and it turned out to be a cyst. Thank you in advance!
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