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Neck and head pain, very concerned with the swollen joints.

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8 1/2 week ago I started having severe pain in my neck and head. After 4 weeks I went to my health care provider and he said it was severe neck stress and referred me to a physical therapist. I went to the physical therapist for 4 weeks and twice to have a massage. About 3 weeks ago still having this pain but was feeling somewhat better my right knee started hurting and my leg was swollen from the knee to the ankle for 2 week. This week I was having a little pain in my left hand and this morning my hand is swollen. I am 60 years old and have exercised faithfully generally 5 days a week, scuba dive, water ski, etc. I am not overweight. I was very concerned about the head and neck and didn't understand how the doctor would know what was wrong without an xray or something but now I am very concerned with the swollen joints. Any helpful information you may have would help me decide what to do about getting further care for this. I very rarely have gone to the doctor except being proactive -mammogram, pap smear, etc. I also went to my dentist to make sure my bite wasn't off
Thank you for your help.

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