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Neck and head pain after accident

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I had a car accident in december i dont know if this has anything to do with this but a few days after i started getting pain from my left collar bone going to the back of my head half way up my skull kind of at the top of the dint on the back of my head. It took 4/5 days to go but while i had it it was strong pain couldnt move my head sitting back it hurts looking around it hurts. I thoght it was just a pulled muscle but now two months later got the same thing and as its in my head tothe front of my left collar bone im a little worried it might no be a pulled muscle could you tell me what it might be thanks
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replied February 16th, 2012
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The strap muscles of the neck, especially the sternocleidomastoid muscle (SCM), are frequently injured in motor vehicle accidents.

The SCM goes from the clavicle in the front, up the side of the nec, and attaches to the middle or back of the head. So this could be it.

But, some people get a hot poker type fealing on the back of the head, going down the back of the neck, from tweeking the occiptal nerve (one of the upper C spine nerves). These are usually very fleeting, but could persist.

If it is really bothering you, you should see a physician about it. Good luck.
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