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Nauseous with clumpy discharge

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okay im updating my last question. Ive took 2 pregnancy tests dont know if i got a positive or evap lines because i forgot them and an hour 1/2 later i read them. the dollar store brand. Anyways im late on my period also, ive been nausious, boobs are sore and feel heavy nipples are huge, anyways today i had light cramping and earlier this week i have been having lots of ewcm. well i thought i had started my period so i checked myself and it was clumpy ewcm. i havent ever had this happen before. What could this mean? when i pee it gets worse. i havent had sex, or masturbated or any of that so i know it isnt that.

me & my fiance have been having sex everyday the 11th is the last time. i did take the test properly i thought i saw a line at first but my fiance didnt til an 1 1/2 went by.
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