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Nauseous but not pregnant ?

i am 17 and showing signs of pregancy such as nausea, tender breast, tired and dizzy and every now and then i get a kind of fluttering feeling in my stomach and some foods make me feel sick and i am craving foods aswell but i am still having periods could there be anything else? Question
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replied February 13th, 2009
nauseous but not pregnant?
It is possible to continue having periods and yet be pregnant. If you have not been to a doctor and been tested for pregnancy, I would suggest making that your first move. Whether you are or are not pregnant, you need to know as soon as possible to start taking care of yourself and your child and to see whether their is something wrong that is causing you to continue with your period.
If you are not pregnant, you need to know as well so as to start diagnosing what IS wrong.
Hope this helps.
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