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Nauseous and warm in face

I have had this going on for the last 6-9months or so....i get nauseous and feel very warm in the face, sometimes I need to sit down due to fear of passing out. It only got to the point where i had to immediately sit down once (first time at a patriots game). I also have this overall uneasy feeling.

sometimes i think i have some kind of blood sugar irregularity, but i had my doctor do pretty extensive blood work within the last few months. His suggestion was to deep breathly and hold my breathe for 3 seconds and suggested going on pills.

i would much rather prefer to stay off pills and not be dependent on anything.

Majority of the time that this happens is while im at work which makes me think that it is stress related panic attacks.

It rarely ever happens when i am home (on weekends)

I dont think it is social anxiety disorder, since i have gone to multiple concerts over this past summer.

Any input would be greatly appreciated. Maybe if i have a solidified idea of what i have i can just tell myself its so and so and maybe itll help it pass.

Thanks to all
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replied November 3rd, 2009
Maybe if i have a solidified idea of what i have i can just tell myself its so and so and maybe itll help it pass.

Thats exactly what I want to hear! That is exactly what you can do to help it pass Rob.
I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. Alot of my posts in here are about anxiety and panic attacks and how I have over come them myself without medications.
When you feel ill .. just take a look around and ask yourself what exactly is going on? If nothing is happening then say it to yourself! Nothing is happening, no one is bothering me and I will be just fine.
If its only happening at work, I would guess its stress. I dropped out of high school because of my anxiety and I had to leave 2 jobs because of it as well.
There are pills that you can take but I too much rather wanted to overcome it on my own.
I feel there are more side effects with the pills then there were without them.
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