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nauseous after eating or drinking

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I'm a 21 year old male, non-smoker, non-drinker. Family history of gall-bladder issues and ulcers, and a bit of diabetes...

I've been experiencing these symptoms for a little over two weeks now and I need some help.

The doctor I saw thinks it could be acid reflux, but nothing I've found in regards to symptoms seems too convincing yet, I was hoping for some other opinions.

My symptoms began abruptly 16 days ago... I woke up at about 10 AM with a terrible burning/indigestion feeling in my stomach, and I could taste the dinner I'd had the night before with each burp I had... but as I got up and moving and went through my morning routine, this burning went away -- this was not an unusual occurrence at this time, I get this every few months and didn't think anything of it.

However, later that afternoon as my stomach became 'empty' and I got hungry I was overwhelmed by an extraordinary urge to vomit for about 20 to 30 minutes -- I chalked this up to low blood sugar (not having eaten all day), sometimes not eating can make me nauseas, but not like this typically.

-- Also, it wasn't a burning or painful sensation ... it was just really really uncomfortable, as if my stomach was spasming upwards or something...

Anyway, I went and had lunch on my break and came back to work a few hours later... but again I was feeling the overwhelming urge to vomit, drinking water only made it worse.

The weekend came (and I worked both Saturday and Sunday) ... and this feeling didn't return until I worked again on Monday and has not rectified itself since...

Only a few things can pass into my stomach without producing this feeling, #1 on the list is ice-cream, for whatever reason... Soup is a close second.

Fresh fruit however seems to induce this feeling/the urge to vomit pretty heavily (apples and grapes being the worst offenders)...

I saw a doctor, and she thought it was stress-related (like acid reflux can be), and told me to take prilosec every day for a while and see if it goes away, and furthermore to take Maalox if I felt like my symptoms were coming back.

The Prilosec has helped marginally, but my symptoms are still there, they make me particular susceptible to motion (i.e. driving)...

What's strange about all of this is that I still have my appetite, in fact the only time I feel 'OK' is when I'm really hungry (i.e. have not eaten all day) because then my stomach is empty... however drinking water too fast when I'm hungry can still make me sick.

-- Having fairly regular bowel movements, reduction in frequency/mass, but that's undoubtedly due to the fact that I'm hardly eating, at least compared to how much I used to eat...

The thing I'm worried about the most is my gall-bladder... three other family members have had theirs removed (one due to gall-stones, the others due to digestive issues).

I also just really want to hear from people with acid reflux to see if my symptoms line up a bit ... I could really use some help here, school starts up soon and attending classes like this could make paying attention really difficult!
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replied August 10th, 2008
Feel like I need to throw up after eating or drinking any thing
K.D Matt I placed a Article on this Acid Reflux on other folks, Your are very young to have a problem. I went to every Dr. around in AL,TN.GA and they came up with Acid Reflux.
Check out my profile and see if it can help.
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If you know about a PM. it open
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replied October 7th, 2008
nauseus after eating
I think you have some issues with acid reflux. Please be tested. My husband had acid reflux for years, though nobody called it that. By the time there was any good Rx for that, it was too late for him. He got Barretts Esophagus which then became cancerous. 'don't mean to scare you, but please don't take a chance.

My boyfriend had surgery for Barretts and is now experiencing symptoms such as what you describe. He has lost weight and doesn't want to eat because he doesn't want to feel nauseated. The doctor has paid no attention to this. He thinks it "just takes time."

If you get any information on this, or if anyone else does, please share info. Thanks and best of health to you.
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replied October 10th, 2008
Nausous ofter eating or drinking
I have been listening for a call from you about acid reflux or what causing you to be nausous. go to my profile and check on the website and call me I might be
able to help.
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replied October 30th, 2008
You are describing the exact problems I began having but then it progressed. I lost 35 pounds in six weeks because I couldn't eat anything or it would hurt and when I did eat, I either threw it up or it went right through me.

My doctor did an endoscopy and a colonoscopy on me.

I was diagnosed with a slew of things and I go back in a week for more blood tests for Barrett Esophagus but I do have GERD, colitis and a hiatal name a few. My doctor put me on Prilosec and Carafate and it has helped a lot but I still feel like I have a lump in my throat and my throat and stomach are still very irritated.

Check out my profile because I put everything down I have been diagnosed with along with the prescriptions I am taking.
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