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nausea with no other symptoms

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I am always getting nauseated for no apparent reason. It's really weird, because I will be feeling fine one minute and then the next minute I will be so nauseated. It's not necessarily after I eat, and I haven't been sick to my stomach. I have, though, been having really bad gas lately. I don't know if that would be related, though. My doctor diagnosed me with gastritis after doing an endoscopy and I have been on Carafate for that, but I'm still having nausea. I don't know what it could be because all my blood tests are coming back fine. They even considered my gallbladder, but they did a chest x-ray,CT scan,ultrasound,upper GI, and a urine test, and they said that everything was normal. This has been going on for at least 6 months. I have acid reflux, but that is totally under control.
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First Helper LadyAllie

replied July 13th, 2008
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i have chronic nausea as well. i go through boughts for months like you do, except its been happening on and off since i was 5. im 18 now and hopefully near the end of a bought. this one for me started in late march. i am basically constantly nauseated for no reason. i have small windows of feeling good, but all of the sudden for no reason i will just feel horrible! i dont actually vomit though.

like you all my tests are coming back normal, and always have so i definately understand your frustration. since i sometimes get migraines, my doctors have settled with the diagnosis of abdominal migraines for me. ive tried every nausea medicine under the sun... and then some! its ridiculous!

two things that have really helped me are acupuncture and biofeedback. the biofeedback is basically relaxation techniques that help you get in controll over your body and stress management and stuff like that. it pulled me out of my last bought.

let me know if you find anything that helps you. i'm going in to re-take some tests this week; gastric emptying, gallbladder studies, blood tests. i could never do the upper gi... barium is NASTY!

HANG IN THERE! and good luck
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replied September 16th, 2008
I am having the same problems except that I had my gallbladder removed about 4 years ago, when I first had my gallbladder removed I was sick all the time and then it stopped but, about 6 months ago I just started getting sick from nausea I have no other problems but, that I am wondering if mine is coming from not having a gallbladder.
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