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Nausea when stressed, with friends

I've been dealing with this issue for over 3 years now. Ive been to several doctors and specialist, have had all sorts of work done, but no one can figure out whats wrong and its really frustrating and negatively controlling my life. I always get nausea at little things, like taking tests, or even being with friends whom I care about. I'm 18 years and in a few weeks ill be leaving for college. Let me explain.
Even when a test doesn't matter at all that I am about to take, I get nauseas and become afraid that I am going to throw up. When new things happen to me, such as a job interview or College visit, I become nauseas. This is especially bad because I'm leaving for college soon and don't want to be so sick when i move down there that i can't even go to classes or participate.
Secondly, I'm always feel sick when I'm hanging out with a girl I like, or even if I'm just out late with friends. I don't know why, or how these things are related. Its confusing, but it prevents me from having a girlfriend or even really hanging out with my friends at fun parties. Instead I'm stuck at home watching TV, so I won't get sick. This is not how i want to live my life, and I'm fearful it will get worse and I won't be able to handle college. Can anybody help or relate to me? Thanks.
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replied July 22nd, 2012
i get the same thing and it comes out of nowhere, if i'm going out for the night my heart gets racey and i feel nauseous, or if i'm on my way to work , or if i am going to hang out with friends, its really annoying and i have no idea what it is or why i will get it for no reason, its like i get nervous or anxious and i can not control it but it does not feel like it would be at the level of an anxiety attack.
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