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Nausea , vomitting , light period

My question is pretty long and convoluted. So here goes:

I am on birth control (Aviane, the generic of Alesse) and have been since the start of December 2008. Last month, March 2009, I was missing a lot of pills here and there. I started the pack late that month, on a Tuesday instead of a Sunday and I missed about five total. Seeing as how it was a hectic month and I was anxious, I didn't take them some days because I was afraid of getting nausea. I always tried to doubled up when I missed a pill. I had unprotected sex about a week into taking the pill pack for the month, and various times (about four) the few weeks after.

However, (and I still don't know why I did this), I decided that I wanted to get my period and stopped taking the pills that Sunday 4/22, even though there were still three pills left in the pack. The following Saturday 4/28, I had unprotected sex. I have not had unprotected sex since then.

There was also an issue with my prescription company and I have not yet received my new pack of pills, so I decided to take the last three pills of the pack from last month this month starting on the Sunday following the start of my period.

I haven't taken a pill since Wed 4/1. Its now Monday 4/6. Last night, I got something that looks like a period but, much lighter. Its not as light as what implantation bleeding is described as, but its lighter than a period. If it is a period, then that means I have gotten my period twice in three weeks.

I have also been sick to my stomach in the past week and a half (during the last two days of my period, and the week after). I have had to run to the bathroom to vomit unexpectedly about six times in the last week and a half. I usually don't ever vomit.

My questions are:

Does this sound like I could be pregnant? Or is it just a reaction to my inconsistent pill taking?


If so, when should I take a pregnancy test, because I know periods aren't true periods when you are on the pill? I want to know as early as possible.


I should be getting my pills in the mail either today or tomorrow. Should I still take them?

Your help is greatly appreciated!!

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replied April 24th, 2009
When birth control is involved I'm unsure of how it can affect things so I don't think any reply I give would be useful and more than likely make it more complicated.
I would suggest taking a hpt after the time your usual period is due, you can get hpt for about £5 but are measured at a highet hcg level (50mIU/ml) so testing too early would be a waste of money.
I am in a similar situation.
I M/C after xmas 08, after this I stopped using my contraceptive patch because I wanted some normal periods without outside influence. Jan, Feb and march periods were painful, which is new to me as I never have any PMT or pain, I just used to bleed like there was no tomorrow (sorry TMI)and it would last a whole week.
NOW the problem is on 7/4/09 I had unprotected sex, this turns out to be when I was very likely to be ovulating.
1 week before my period was due I had constant dull headache, occasional nausea and heartburn (and a few other bits) then around the time my period was due I had creamy brown discharge followed by red slimy discharge then brown again and only lasted 3 days. During this time the symptoms seemed to go but as soon as the bleeding stopped the symptoms came back with a vengeance.
A HPT was negative.

Could I be pregnant and the bleeding be decidual causing a false negative OR did I get my period and am I simply not pregnant?

thoughts anyone?
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