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Nausea, no appetite W gluten intolerance

I'm a 21 year old female. I've had chronic nausea for the last..4-5 years. About a year ago I was told I have Gluten intolerance. It effects me almost instantly so I have yet to do the test to see if its celiacs or not - this didn't leave me nauseous but rather in pain, with feelings of rocks in my stomach.
Cutting out Gluten helped a lot but still as soon as I eat I get nausea - it has drastically affected my diet. I hardly eat at all now having been turned off - I work 12 hour days eating very little because I can't be sick at work. I always have very soft BM, and since cutting out gluten it has become more or less regular.
I now have no appetite at all and find that I have to go out of my way to remind myself to eat. When I do get hungry it is to the point that my stomach HURTS and twists. I feel like I would vomit if I could but never do. It last only 2 - 5 minutes then if I eat I feel really sick once again. Eating in this time frame I generally feel more or less okay.
I find myself very fatigued, anxious and cold all the time - though I am sure this is because I need too fuel myself more.
I've been to many doctors, but at this point I just kid of gave up and accepted that this is what normal feels like.
Empty, tired, cold, slow, confused, anxious and forgetful with times of unbelievable clarity and huge amounts of energy. Somehow through this I have maintained my ability to function more efficiently and get more done in a day then anyone I know.
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replied November 23rd, 2012
Wow, this sounds quite tough. Have you looked into any alternative therapy's or techniques?

A friend of mine was cured of a Severe gluten intolerance by and energy healing session with Stuart Wilde. He has been doing them for completely free in recent months apparently. It might be worth looking in to. you can do a search for stuart wilde healings.

All the best to you.
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