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Nausea medication side effects ?

I got my first sono Tuesday. I guess that's when it all really hit me. Right now my baby is only a little bigger than a grape and looks like a lima bean lol. It was so cool to hear the heartbeat though.

Anyway, I have been sicker than a dog and I lost 8 lbs in the two weeks between dr. visits. The dr. said it wasn't good at all, especially considering i'm already pretty small, and that since I can't even keep water down, that I'm probably dehydrated and that's why my UTI STILL hasn't gone away. He said I had two options. Option 1.) Go to the hospital and get an IV Option 2.) he'll prescribe me some supositories and take a couple days off work to see if I could stop throwing up.

Neither one of these sounded very pleasant but I hate hospitals and needles so I chose option 2. Now, here's my question. Do those things cause diarrhea? The throwing up has pretty much stopped (which I am so grateful for) but every night I have to get up and use the restroom. Its getting really old and my bottom is starting to hurt Sad

Is this normal?
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replied May 21st, 2009
Extremely eHealthy
with a suppository I imagine it is...whats the medcication name? can you look it up? maybe call them and see what would happen if you stopped medication. If its not one things its the other huh?

I wish they offered me suppositories...I couldnt keep anything they gave me down either
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