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Nausea/Lower Abominal pain 4 months after giving birth


I gave birth to my daughter in March. The last few weeks I have started feeling nauseous intermittently, with a dull lower abominal and sometimes I get pain around the pubic bone area. The pain isn't severe just dull. I recently had a barium meal/x ray, waiting for results, as I suffered with chronic indigestion - however, this has disappeared now. I put this down to feeling anxious with having a new born. I will see the Doctor about the nausea and abomindal discomfort - but could you please advise what you think could be causing this. Also, sometimes my stomach feels like I might need to go to the toilet (i.e. have a bad stomach) but it is just normal when I do go and I also I am weeing quite a lot and when I need to go, I have to go straight away (I think this is do with pelvic floor maybe?) Any advice would be appreciated - thanks Lara
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