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nausea headache tired spotting

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Hi.. i posted on here before like yesterday but i cant find it so im posting again lol...well my boyfriend and i had unprotected sex about 3 weeks ago and ever since then i have been feeling so nausas like my mouth will start to water like im about to be sick.. and my boobs started to hurt really bad and ive always been a B cup and now im a C cup.. then i was supposed to start my period on the 28th but on the 24th i woke up in the middle of the night feeling like i was going to be sick and i went to the bathroom and wiped and it was light pink.. very little.. then the next day i put a tampon in and it was pink/ bright red and the third day i just wore a pad and nothing was on it.. it only showed up when i wiped and at that time it was more of a light brown. and it only lasted for 4 days.. when normally im heavy and have very bad cramps. and ever since that weird period i have been so tired and have a lot of headaches.. i took 2 preg test from the dollar store one on the 24th and one on the 26th and they were neg and one today and it was neg.. is there hope im preg

Also... last night and today i have been having a slight pain on where my ovaries are like when you ovulate.. idk.. it just feels weird
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