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nausea, diaherria, chills after eating lettuce

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Hi, I am a 24 yr. old female and for about 4 years now I have been having alot of stomache problems. When I was 10 I was diagnosed with acid reflux and having a hiatal hernia. They have done previous EGD scopes and colonoscopys and now say that they do not see a hiatal hernia. I have a problem however that can''t seem to be figured out that is ruining my life as well as my families. I think that I penpointed one of the problems as iceberg lettuce. Strange because I can eat romaine but, everytime I eat a salad with iceberg the chills begin and seconds later, I am in the bathroom with diaherria and nausea so bad that I have to induce vommiting to feel better. I thought ok, simple....maybe it''s just lettuce and that is avoidable but, yesterday, we were at my inlaws having Easter dinner and about 2 hours after eating I started to feel really sleepy and nauseated and I found it was pretty hot in the house so I think that might have been effecting me too but, long story short we had to leave much like we''ve had to do at plenty of restraunts and even our vacation recently. I have finally had enough and recently went to see a gastroenterologist and he sent me for blood work and a CT scan and it was all completely normal so, he suggested another EGD which I have had done by other dr''s many times. I am up to my neck in medical bills and can''t ever seem to find the answer to my problem. I do know that I am energyless alot of times and feel really sleepy and alot of times the nausea seems to hit me then. I was tested for diabetes about a year ago and the test was normal. I also have a history of hyperthyroidism which they say has returned to normal and this weird rash that seems to get worse when I get sick. The dermatologist did a biopsy and diagnosed me with having a skin disease called pityriasis lichenoides which he says is very rare which can have many different causes including immune responses I think. Can someone please help me with this?
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replied May 12th, 2010
chills and pains
I have have much the same symptoms as yourself for the past 4 years. Have gone to doctors,hospitals etc but no joy. all results come back as normal but I do not feel normal. Have been on calcium tablets for past year but still feel awful. No energy, aching lower legs,spinal pain,headaches and loose motions. A friend has suggested taking pure silver once a day which is supposed to cure all ailments but I dont know where to get that from.
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