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Nausea and dizziness everyday.

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Hello everyone!
I''m brazilian and I''m 27 y/o.
I''m glad to find people like me in this forum, all I can say is that I know what you''re all going through.
My life is ruined.
I always had a great stomach, I don''t throw up since I was like 4 years old I think, and since I can remember I have always been afraid of vomiting too.
I started to feel sick 2 years ago, december 2007 while I was living in the States, I started to feel dizzy and then nauseous.
At first, it was not something that avoided me to do things, like keep doing the regular things in my life, but once I got back to Brazil in february of 2008, I started to feel really nauseous everyday, then really dizzy, sometimes I didn''t feel nauseous for like 1, 2 or even 3 weeks, but then, it all came back.
I went to several doctors (went to a hospital in the US and lots of doctors here in Brazil).
I went to a gastroenterologist, did a endoscopy, and the doctor said that it was an infection somewhere on the way out of the stomach, prescribed me some medicine, I took it for some months but it didn''t help at all.
I even went to an eye doctor thinking that it could be something wrong with my eyes, but it was all normal, actually I went to two eye doctors.
I went to a neurologist and he told me that I had General Anxiety disorder and asked me to look up online for some stuff and see if I wanted to take meds for it, but after a long research, I decided not to because of all the side effects and just because I really don''t like to intoxicate my body with medicine.
I started to have panic attacks everytime I leave home, even going to have a haircut, anywhere, anytime, it''s terrible.
My life has been ruined because of all this.
I don''t even go out anymore, unless it''s necessary.
Even just by seeing people, talking to people makes me dizzy and nauseous.
Most of my friends knows about this so they don''t even come to visit me anymore because I feel sick.
And of course, my family is deeply concerned about my situation but they have no idea on how to help me anymore.
Some people tell me that it''s all emotional, which I also strongly believe too, I think that most of our illness are caused by unbalanced thoughts and emotions.
Each doctor says something different, I went to a ear/nose/throat doctor and she said that I might have vertigo or even labyrinthitis, prescribed me a medication for it and I''m taking it for a month already but it''s not helping.
I''ve lost 22 pounds the past 2 years, most of the time I don''t even feel worth living anymore, I constantly think about dying because living like this is like being dead, this is not a life.
I know that this is highly linked with anxiety but I def. do not want to take strong medication for it.
So I feel like my life is in this terrible cycle that I just don''t seem possible to get out of.
The thing is, I can''t even go out anymore even for a doctor''s appointment (one more out of thousands) because even going to a clinic or something makes me very nervous and the panic attacks starts happening, it''s terrible.
I don''t even feel like eating anymore because everything I eat makes me very nauseous and I hate the feeling of being sick.
I also always had a lot of gas (flatulence) all of my life and I never burped. I don''t know if this could be related.
I just want to have a normal life again, actually I want a my life back.
I''m 5''10" and I''m weighting miserable 103 pounds.
During all of this 2 years, I''ve been doing lots of researches online to find any help, any light, but nothing really concrete to this very moment.
I just want to find a "cure" for this so I can completely heal myself and I swear that I''ll do something out of it and help everyone around the world who suffers from this.
If anyone can help me in any way I would highly appreciate!
Anything that shows me a light in the end of this infinite tunnel will be good!
Sorry for my english btw.
Thanks for taking your time to read this!
I don''t know if I can post my e-mail here, but if anyone can help in any way, send me a message and we can exchange e-mails.
Once again, thank you.
I forgot to mention that I'm also a smoker and with all this stress I've been smoking much more, I know it's not good, but sometimes it helps with the anxiety.
And that I also do not drink alcohol, just used to drink a little before, but never had anymore because of all this stuff and fearing that I could throw up.
My diet has been very strict because once again, everything I eat makes me nauseous. Especially during the night. (I spend all nights awake, doing research and trying to occupy my mind with something).
Thanks once again.
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replied May 2nd, 2010
Hello James!
Thanks for your reply!
I tried to download from that link but it''s not working...
Says invalid download link.
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replied May 3rd, 2010
hi i have that problem whats your email??
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replied April 7th, 2011
Hi I am experiencing the same thing... Have you found any luck? Please help
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