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5 Natural Remedies That Are Great Lullaby For Night Sleep

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It’s not uncommon if you’re losing your sleep due to life altering experiences, stress and anxiety. It is happening to the best of the people around the world. Sleep deprived people are not only performing bad in their careers but also leading the statistics of bad health. Are you suffering for irregular pattern of sleep too? This article will help you to eradicate your imbalances and improve circadian cycle with natural sleep remedies.

1. Prepare Your Bedtime Ritual
Bedtime ritual helps you to maintain circadian cycle that monitors your sleep/wake schedule. Don’t mix up your body with irregular time schedule because that affects hormonal secretion. Maintaining sleep time preceded by music therapy, meditation and aromatherapy will only make you fall into a relaxed night.

2. A Cup of Herbal Tea
Teas extract out the best tonics of herbs when brewed into a cup. Valerian root, Chamomile and Passion flower teas are some of the most wanted among all. They serve as the natural relaxant and stimulants of natural hormones.

3. Pop Some Melatonin
It is one of the best herbal sleep remedies as Melatonin is known to be the sleep hormone which is produced by the body. Its levels are responsible for the sleep. It’s usually light sensitive compound which is secreted during the night time. But due to the disturbed cycles, your body might not produce enough melatonin. Hence, pills are taken to support your natural cycle.

4. Include Calcium & Magnesium
You may figure out the best diet to take in calcium and magnesium in optimal amount else supplements can give you the dosage your body requires. Calcium deficiency is related to REM as calcium level is highest during REM phase. Certain people don’t reach that phase as their body is not sufficed with Calcium.

5. Hot Bath With Aromatic Soap Bubbles
If your profession leads to a exhausted body at the end of the day, then you must first treat your body with therapies which eases out your pain. A tired body needs a hot water bath. To please your senses, you must add aromatic soap into the bath. Not to sound clichd, wine alongside will benefit you as well. The science behind it is the increased serotonin in body. It defies the evident pain and hot bath soothes out sore nerves.

Give your body some extra care when none of these tips cost you a hole in your pocket. These are sure shot solutions for every insomniac to hit the bed with a good night sleep. It’s time for you to sleep which method has highest impact on you.
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