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nasopharyngeal bleeding

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I am a 42yo caucasian female with what I've always considered chronic sinus problems/allergies. I recently made an appointment with an ENT because symptoms had worsened. I was experiencing face pain and pressure on one side of my face to a point of even feeling numbness in the sinus area under my eye and against nose on left side. I was also experiencing more blockage on that left side of my nose than I've ever remembered. So I scheduled an appointment. The ENT wanted to order a CT scan to check for infection. I saw him on a Friday and they were to call me when they got the CT scheduled. On Sunday morning I woke with large amounts of blood clotting that felt as though it was coming from my sinuses on that left side. (hand full of red clots). I initially thought....oh, I must have had a bloody nose during the night that ran down my I blew my nose. There was no blood from my nose at all. But I was spitting blood from my sinus area. I was scared and half tempted to go to the ER. (I am also a registered nurse with 20 years experience, so I don't get frightened easily). I waited until Monday and called the ENT's office that I was seen by the previous Friday. (I continued to have clots Monday morning as well) They acted nonconcerned and said they would let me know when the CT was ordered. They called and said it would be a week but I could call the imaging center myself to get in quicker if I wanted to. I explained that I wasn't having blood tinged sputum, it was actual palm sized clots of blood. I was able to get the imaging center to do the CT that day. AND I called the ENT office to see if the physician could see me that day, because I was concerned that the messages about the bleeding was not being relayed correctly.

He saw me, but seemed unconcerned. Kept telling me that the CT scan was fine, it did not show any infection. Which was great to know, but did not answer anything about the bleeding. I asked if the bleeding could be related to the pain and pressure I was having and he said NO.

He Insited that bleeding was a nasal thing.. posterior, and just ran down my throat but said he would numb my nose and put a scope in to take a look and make sure. Well, he removed the scope and said, "well, it wasn't nasal at all, you have an area where your adenoids would normally be that is raw and irritated and bleeding". He gave me prednisone and clarinex D and sent me on my way to be seen again in one week. The morning after that appointment I woke up with large clots again and called his office to just make sure he was aware. I was told to finish the course of meds and to be seen when they were completed.

So I went back in a week but that time I had a picture of the clot I spit out tuesday morning. The ENT physician was surprised and told me he was glad I had the picture because that "changed things" and said "you have to understand, I see patients all day who tell me they bled all over the bathroom and it's a tiny amount". (he didn't believe the amount I was describing until he saw the picture!!!) He said he wanted to wait 4 weeks to give it time to completely heal and then he would scope it again and if it was still raw, he would want to biopsy it. Well, I went back today and he looked at the area and said it was still not 100%. there was still an abnormal looking area but said I do not fit the demographics, age, gender, or nationality for that type of cancer and he did not feel it needed biopsied. He said he would do it if I wanted him to, or if it would worry me, but he felt it was due to chronic sinus drainage irritating the area.

I've researched and read that it should be biopsied. He hasn't mentioned the symptoms that I intially came to him about, the pressure and pain and numbness in the same side of my face. (I have a deviated setpum to that side that was seen when he looked in my nose and was noted with the CT Scan but he didn't use that an explanation for the symptoms I was having) and he has said, it could be surgically fixed if I was at a point that it was just miserable??? but again no mention about a correlation with the sinus pain I orginally came to him about. He did not even feel my neck to check for swollen lymph nodes. He didn't mention the possibility of GERD causing irritation. Those things led me to feel leary and uneasy about his decision that everything was fine.

so I'm just left confused and I don't know what to do. I don't know whether I should tell him that I want it biopsied. IF I should get a second opinion. Or if I should simply forget about it and deal with the symptoms. ???? I would love to hear another opinion on here if possible. thanks so much for your time.
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