My 15 year old son hurt himself when he jumped off his skateboard while skating down a very large hill. We took him for Xrays and they showed a "narrowing of L4-L5". His pediatrician could provide very little information and has referred him to a Spine Center in a nearby city. He is in pain when he walks or tries to bend down or even when he sits down and while trying to sleep. His pain seems to be worst when sitting and lying down...This injury actually occurred almost a month ago but his pain has increased quite significantly over the past week which prompted me to take him to the dr's

I'm looking for any information about this and what to expect at his appointment next week at the spine center.

Thank You!
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replied May 3rd, 2010
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hi kissysmommy

i am sorry your son is in pain. so far you have done the right thing in going to a dr and being referred to a spine specialist. the specialist will probably order an mri scan of his lower spine. that study will show soft tissues like ligaments and discs as well as bones and muscles. the dr will examine your son thoroughly and see what symptoms he has. we dont really know yet what is causing the narrowing. after the diagnosis your ßon will receive a treatment plan. it may involve physical therapy and or injections to help with the pain. most back injuries do heal without surgery. ask the specialist plenty of questions and have him show you the mri images along with a good expanation of the problem.
in the mean time he should not be sitting for long periods of time without standing up and walking around to take the stress off his spine. sitting does stress the spine more.
as for sleeping he could put pillows under his knees while sleeping on his back. if he sleeps on side put a pillow inbetween the legs.
has the dr told him to take ibupropen? that med may help.
if he can it would be good to walk around in order to keep spine loose.
please keep us posted as to what the dr says and we wish you good luck with this problem.....oh and no lifting anything or bending too much.....pete
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