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Napping is very beneficial when you can't sleep during the night

Napping helps make up for lost time when you can’t quite get eight hours of sleep in at night. In fact, some experts say that napping during the day can be one of the best ways to treat sleep deprivation. Interestingly enough, the length of your nap affects the benefits you receive from it. For example, if you nap for about 15 minutes, you’ll wake up feeling more alert and focused. Your dexterity and motor skills will also be at their best. A longer nap, one that lasts at least a half and hour, will give you a sharper memory and faster recall skills. You’ll also have more clarity when needing to make a decision. A nap longer than 60 minutes may feel great, but will also begin to affect your sleep schedule at night. For best results, keep your naps between 15-60 minutes.
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