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Names for baby #4? We need help!

Hi there, well I am pregnant with baby #4! We don't know the sex yet, I am not due until May next year but my boyfriend and I are thinking about names. We already have two girls named Hayley Anne and Skye Louise and a boy named Nathan James.

If we have another boy we want his middle name to be Robert after boyfriend's dad. If it's a girl we want the middle name to be Ivy after his late grandmother.

Here is a list of what we like>

Willow Ivy
Tessa Ivy
Isobel Ivy

Joel Robert
Tyson Robert
Aaron Robert
Brodie Robert

Please only pick ONE from each. other suggestions are welcome too. Thanks Smile
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replied August 24th, 2014
Firstly, congrats on your 4th baby! Think you are due any day now. If it isn't too late here are my choices.

For a boy I like Joel Robert. It comes across as a strong masculine name.

For a girl your first two have celestial like names how about something like Stella Ivy or Estella Ivy. Otherwise Isobel Ivy is my choice.
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