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Mystery Upper Abdominal Pain(s)

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Since Late 2010 I have had an un-diagnosable abdominal pain. The pain always hits hits suddenly but the intensity is gradual ranging from mild to severe. Mild is if I can get to meds or ice packs quick enough, if not they get severe. I have dubbed these what I just have to call "pain attacks". the pain is in the upper abdomen right near the epigastic region, (right below breast area about 3" wide to above belly button), as pain level intensifies the pain moves into my back and also the area that is what most consider the shoulder but it is on the upper chest area between collarbone and arm. the first time I had one it was very early morning and I ending vomiting from the pain 2 or 3 time and went to the hospital and they gave me morphine after many tests and scans and finding nothing wrong and the morphine didn't faze it, and they had to give me Dilaudid. So after this happened a few more times including the time I ended up curled in a ball on the cement floor in the warehouse of my work. My PC sent me to GI doc who did scan, scopes and GI x-ray and found nothing of significance and helped me out with stopping a trip to hospital each time by prescribing oral Dilaudid. UA always reveal a UTI and some degree, treat with antis and it would clear up for about a week.

I am 29 and have a high pain tolerance and used to never get sick. My med history includes a my first ever surgery of scoliosis surgery that has left me 2- 24" metal rods and screws in my back(9/2008), and my gallbladder removed because a HIDA scan showed it was not functioning good enough(9/2009). I have had the chronic back pain from the scoliosis and arthritis since 2004ish (scoliosis started in elementary- mid 90's), so since the surgery I have never felt the real symptoms of the UTI's, no burning or frequency, no fever (ever) and unable to associate kidney pain from normal back pain. So most time this was given for the diagnosis and was sent to a UA specialist who found nothing out of norm. One time during one of the many hospital visits I was given abdominal migraines as another cause. Bowels are semi normal as sometimes I have diarrhea, 90% of the time I am nauseous and when the pain hits it is early morning while I am asleep or it hits when driving in the car hitting real quick and lasting about 5-10 min very intense but over so quickly that going to get it checked it would be over before I made it anywhere. When they are this intense where it requires the help of the Dilaudid, but doesn't mean I take it I end up with a sore bruised feeling for the rest of the day.

My frustration comes from that the symptom's mimic pancreatic symptoms and some of a hiatal hernia. But when tests run for both nothing is found. I currently take anti-anxiety and depression meds including xyanx, Tramadol for the chronic back pain in the evenings and OTC during the day do to possible driving with my job. I have been told by my family and PC that it's all in my head and I truly want to believe that but if I am thinking about work, my kid, and doing normal daily things or sleeping and these just randomly hit and all I know is when it hit I use an ice pack first and also what my daughter called "frog" position cause I would sit with my abdomen on a pillow for pressure while propped on my knees torso between them. then most require some kind of pain med and even now that I have built up a tolerance to the pain I still have about 1-3 a month that just wipe me out that requires a hot bath, ice pack and Dilaudid. I used to drink and smoke socially with maybe 1-2 drinks a month if that and now maybe 1-2 a year usually not though as it is not worth risking a pain attack over. (and by drink I mean a beer or a small mixed drink. I have not been to find anything or anyone who has a decent Idea of what is going on and that why I have tried to provide as much info about what, where, how they happen. I need to try and find something that can be explained why 3 years later I am still having them with no reasons for it and if anyone else has any ideas this issue? My PC, back specialists, UA Specialist, GI doc, and 3 different ER's have not had a good answer for me and I am tired of having them and having my family be mad at me for having them.
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replied August 4th, 2014
I am having the same exact pains... So severe you can't even concentrate. I always tell the doctors I would much rather have a baby. It hits suddenly and the pain is a 10 out of 10 but eventually over a few hours subsides to nonexistence. Test after test after test show nothing. I had gallstones.. they apparently removed that and still having pains... All that helps my pain is Dilaudid IV backed with benadryl and nausea meds... all IV as I am allergic to everything.. every pain med out there.... I have been called a drug seeker because I know what I am suppose to take = so that sent up an apparent red flag ... embarrassed to say the least and frustrated. I feel for you because I know sweetie. I KNOW YOUR PAIN. You can email me ... I would love to have updates on your situation for resolve as I will do the same if docs find out what my situation is. I have 8 doctors visits in just the month of August alone. Hugs to you. Jeanie
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