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Mystery permanent neck chest rash

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Hi, Ive had this 'rash' since June 2011. It followed a sore throat that I'd had for 7 weeks. I think I had an allergic reaction to something as I got wheals on my neck, went on holiday soon after and it flared up and spread to my waist. Since then my rash remains on my neck and chest, it burns and flares up mainly in heat although it never goes away properly. I now have fine oval scaly patches on my back and some coming on my boob area. I keep thinking Tinea Versicolour as I did have a patch of Ringworm on my leg when this first started but Ive seen numerous docs and dermatologists who just say flushing and dismiss the fact it never goes away. Ive recently had a skin scrape which at 3 weeks being cultured is negative, although Im told fungus is slow to grow so they are growing it for another 3 weeks. Ive has patch tests, negative, photosensitive tests, negative, Lupus, negative, bloods ok apart from Ige of 1100 which has reduced now to 375. Im now waiting to see an Urticaria Specialist. Any ideas to what this could be, Im starting to worry about it.
Thank you for any replies.
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