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Mystery Chronic Male Morning Sickness and More...

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This is my first time posting here. This seemed like a very helpful place so I figured I would give it a try. I hope this makes sense for everyone...

To start, I am a 19 y/o male currently living away from home while attending University. I am relatively fit, but my diet is not the most stellar as I am subjected to what ever health choices my campus dining commons offers me. I get decent exercise as I have recently bought a new bike and have been trying to stick to riding 11 miles a day along the river nearby.

That said, this school year my life in the mornings has taken a miserable turn. I have had chronic panic/anxiety issues me whole life and have been taking Ativan/Lorazapam to help for about a year now. Because of that I am not unfamiliar with severe panic attacks and the symptoms that go with them. However this is different. Starting a few months ago I am ALWAYS ( easily 9 times out of 10 ) sick in the mornings. When I wake up I feel for only a few moments when I feel a big knot forming in my chest. My head often feels warm and headachy (best I can describe it). Soon, moderate eye-strain begins to set in and mild to medium levels of nausea begin to develop. Summed up all into one- I feel gross. Sick even. I often either vomit naturally or induce vomiting in the hopes to find some relief. It would frequently help but that has changed and I continue feeling awful after the fact. I can't stomach any form of food or even ginger ale for almost the rest of the day. ( I would just like to add here that I rarely eat breakfast as I am instantly nauseated by food in the mornings and will for sure vomit it up ) I often feel like the meals i had the previous evening are still sitting in my gut, undigested.

These symptoms have progressively become stronger and have also added symptoms such as loose stool. Not quite diarrhea, but not normal either. Stool-hardening meds rarely help.

If I get up earlier in the morning or get less sleep, these symptoms increase 10 fold. I become super-fatigued but when I try and nap I can't fall asleep as my heart begins racing and pounding, not unlike when I get panic attacks. My ativan does nothing to help other than make me more sleepy with the persistent sickness.

I would also like to mention that when I say 'morning' I mean between 11am-12:30pm. I have a major circadian rhythm issue that I simply cannot seem to control. My sleep patterns seem to rotate or waver out of my control. I tend to go to sleep between 12:30am - 3:30am and wake up around 11am-1pm. I cannot force myself to sleep any sooner, like i have a set internal clock. This really messes up my school schedule as I can seriously say it takes a miracle to be able to get myself to wake up any earlier than I mentioned. If I do, I get sick. Even if I go to bed earlier somehow and get the same amount of sleep, waking up at 8, 9, or even 10 just makes me sick to my stomach, like my body knows it cant be awake at this time.

This is really beginning to worry me and affecting my life very negatively. I have mentioned this to my doctor, but as I live away I have not been able to visit him yet. My anxiety meds are no longer working and I plan on finally seeking his help with my clinical depression I have been trying to fight for almost 3 years now.

If I could get any feed back on what this might be or if it can be something serious I would really, really appreciate it. Thank you all and sorry for the long post.
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