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Mysterious red oval spots

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2 weeks ago 1 redish pink oval spot appeared on my shoulder with slightly different texture to my normal skin. More dry/thin. I was having a feeling of fire or allergic feeling reaction on my face, with nothing showing and on various parts of my body itchy bits, yet no rash.

the next week another spot appear 3 inches away, exactly the same. That day a cold sore appeared on my face:(. (related?)

Now 2 weeks after the 1st spot appeared, the spots remain, the cold sore is nearly gone. I've been taking things for immunity and B complex for liver, drinking H20, stopped 99% grains, chocolate caff, sugar and so on.., still little change in the spots. Nothing new was consumed or done in last weeks, so it's a mystery:(SadSad.. that I'd like to solve..

I live out of country, so prefer not to go to doc unless I have to as they're really extreme into chemicals and I usually to homeo and so on.

Any thoughts? Anyone every had oval spots that wouldn't go away? (2 weeks too long for allergic reaction so something, right?)
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