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Mysterious, Persistant Rash Inside Left Thigh

About a year ago, I got two gashes on the insides of my legs from being in a hurricane. The wind was literally whacking my pant legs against my thighs so roughly that it cut the skin.

Very painful experience, that left what looked like scars. Vowed not to wear anything but windbreaker pants next time I was out in a hurricane.

Anyway, due to contaminated clothes or shoes, came down with a case of athlete's foot. Didn't immediately realize what it was, and it spread to several toes, and I thought my left thigh from scratching my toes and then scratching the leg.

I got a hold of some acid to treat the athlete's foot and figured I would apply to the leg as well. This did nothing to help and actually made it worse. In the mean time the rash seems to have spread and is getting uncomfortably close to my manhood.

It is incredibly itchy, sometimes waking me at night, so I don't know if I've reagitated the old bruise from last year or what. When I use the restroom, I have an often overpowering urge to scratch that just irritates the rash and it swells u in bright red blotches, then dries to a white flakey dead skin.

I try to use toilet paper to prevent irritated rash from spreading, but again, due to proximity and need for access to above said sensitive area, this isn't something I want to let go forever.

Can anyone recommend a cream, or have any idea what this is? I admin I'm not always the most cleanly person, and I do a lot of sweaty physical labor, which has perhaps aggravated the situation.

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