Hi. Im in a horrible realtionship. Within past two days. Ive had verbal abuse calling me a slag !**@!. Threaten he would punch my face in three times, knock me out and also slap my face, my bf doesnt like me having an opinion on our realtionship. I told him I didnt want to try for a baby anymore and he went for me. Grab my throat pinning me dwn to sofa. Was scarey to be honest. He drinks and is lovely sober most of the time but when he drinks. I am becoming scared of him. He has pastly punched me in the head. I had began flinching every time he trys to hug me. Im very jumpy now, I just wanted to rant and get all this of my mind. I want to tell him its over but im scared too. Incase he flips out again Smile I feel like he is controling my life and my happyness. I dont know how to deal with this.
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