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Myoma on posterior of uterian wall

m. Uterine cavity is empty. It measures 9.53 X 5.61 X 3.42 cm.

Right Ovary - It is normal in size, shape, outline and echotexture. It measures 3.12 X 3.36 cm.
Left Ovary - It is normal in size, shape, outline and echotexture. The left ovary measures 3.22X2.12 cm


Seeing this report the same Dr advised me for her hysterectomy if the trouble continues. However he assured if menopause sets in, the surgery is not required. Till I take a decision she was asked to take Pause 500 for controlling bleeding as and when required.
Another USG was done on this month for lower abdomen it says :
Uterus is anteverted;bulky in size. a large, well circumscribed, round, solid S.O.L meauring 48.1 mm X 41.2 mm is noted on the posterior wall of body of uterus pushing the endometrial echo anteriorly. The S.O.L is heterogeneous and hypoechoic in echotexture and is suggestive of a myoma. crevix is normal. Uterus measures 94.4 mm X 48.7 mm X 46.1 mm.

Ovaries: Both the ovaries are normal in seze, shape, outline and echotexture. Small follicles noted with left ovary. left ovary measures 28.9mmx23mm right ovary measures : 28.9 x 12.5 mm .

You may find the size of growth is receding and bleeding is controllable with Pause 500 (is it safe?); should she wait and see for menopause; if so how long? She is a house wife and hyper active, if surgical operation is needed I am considering less invasive surgery what offers the advantages like less pain, less chance of future problems like hernia etc. The patient is not diabetic nor have any other problems like blood pressure or alike.
Here in Kolkata, Doctors are advising for hysterectomy (open or TLH); that they usually do in all most all the cases.
I am averse to any sort of surgery and afraid of complicacies if arise later. Can I avoid hysterectomy by controlling menstrual bleeding with Pause 500 till the menopause sets in? Is taking Pause 500 with every periods till menopause safe?
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replied April 8th, 2010
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Talk to your physician on this...Only he/she can answer this...Take care...

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replied April 10th, 2010
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