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my 20 year old fiance's penis cant stay erect once he penetrates

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My fiance is having erectile problems. About a year ago it started along with finding out he had herpes. Just to clarify things, he does not masturbate nor does he watch porn. Now he can become erect with no problem but a minute or two after penetration, he becomes flacid. He gets very aroused and wants to keep going but can't unless I give him oral but again after penetration he becomes flacid. Another thing is that the only way to make him cum is to give him oral for about a hour. Neither of us knows what is going. The other thing is this is a on and off thing for him. His penis will work fine for months then just randomly stop. and it makes him feel like he dissapoints me all the time which is untrue. As for his age, he is 20 and is in good health. Only thing wrong is a dead nerve in one of his teeth. Any ideas as to the problem and how to fix it?
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replied March 22nd, 2012
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Hey! I am very interested in your mans problem.... it doesn't sound like performance anxiety...maybe a little if he thinks he is not performing well, but that thought process is only present as a result of loosing his erection..lost erection happens first THEN feeling bad correct? So I don't think it's anxiety related.. Which is what a lot of doctors will suggest.. He can stay hard for an hour if you give him oral.. So a leak is out of the question and his penis is healthy..
AND you said he doesn't masturbate or watch porn.. So it's not porn induced ED
It's not cholesterol or testosterone... So Im very curious and want to help...
I know you made a point to clarify.. And I don't want you to question his honesty, but are you sure he doesn't watch porn or masturbate? Do you know if he did before he met you and maybe that's a cause for the delayed ejaculation..
But that is weird that it comes and goes...hmm
Anyways here to help
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