Hello. I Will first pardon If My grammar IS not so perfect as english is not My native language... im from Europe.

So... I've Come to admit that My wifes behavior IS abusive, cruel and violent. Been married For 2 years with lots of struggles in our life.

When I met My current wife, I had divorced My wife of 6 years, whom with i had decent non-abusive relationship. During The last years of our marriage she however got mentally ill, withdraw herself from me and one Day she left. I only ever saw her twice after her Leavings during our divorce. IT was deeply painful.. relationship that was very stable, at least in My eyes, coming to sudden bitter end. I decided to turn My Life around and I left My home job everything and started to travel... IT was nice and healing. During those travels i met My current wife. I felt fast attraction towards her and must I say she was many many things i ever had hoped from woman: very beautiful, well dressed, had Voice of Angel and very social (so IT seemed). We shared our past lifes and became a couple. I met all of her family and I ended staying with them For long long months. Later, she got pregnant and I left For My home so I could work properly to build Life For us and marry her. IT seemed like I was on path to great normal family Life... A father and husband.

I worked some months, got The money and went Back to her. We married in Big wedding, over 100 people. IT felt nice and Happy.

After that however she started to rarely talk to me. She was either with her sisters or by herself, always using her phone. I understood that maybe her pregnancy was causing This and i gave her space, but it Never helped. I asked her Out For dates... Once she agreed and instead of two of us going she brought all of her siblings, made me pay everybodys drinks and foods and had Fun with them. I could not stand IT and left quietly from The restaurant alone.

Fast forward few weeks. I found Out that she had Been chatting other guys For months and months, Sending them revealing pictures of her and "sexing" them online. She had also revealed lot about me to them. She Bad mouthed me,told them that her boyfriend or husband was "too serious Guy". I first hided that i knew about IT. I instead started myself to withdraw. I spent My time alone Reading or drinking Beer with My brother-in laws. My wife did not Mind. Then few weeks before her labor i told i knew. She was angry and told its her privacy and "not Big deal im just spending Time". Eventually she ended deleting all The apps and promised to Quit. And I do know she Quit. But her behavior was gonna get worse.

She gave labor and we got healthy, lovely baby girl. What happened then was I was not let to handle My own daughter. IT was either her, her sisters or Mother who handled our baby. I asked many Times For them to let me handled and teach to me but Never. I finally had My Time with our girl when My mom came to visit (she took The effort to fly to country complerly unknown to her to see her granddaughter). My Mother teached me how to handle baby. My wife played friend to My mom but on private despised her making lots If remarks If her being overweight. My mom left home and I stayed For little while still, fixing final paper work to get My wife and daughter to My country. Then i left to work For long painful 6 months.

IT was painful. My wife asked all The Time For money, Even i had Said id send once a month allowance and More only in case of emergency. i needed to save money For our future new home and their flights also. Patents offered that we could first stay with them when My wife came and Look For appartment. My wife disagreed. She Said we must have home immedietly when she and baby Come. I ended killing myself with overhumane overtime work to earn. My wife kept threatening me with "not ever coming" and that shes going to give our daughter away. I kept working and feeling isolated. I was not allowed to meet friends outside work or have hobbies. She Said i need to always Be at her reach For Skype Call. I disobeyed few Times and met friends. She responded by blocking me from all If her social media and did not respond to Call or SMS .. This continiued once as long as Week. Also she seemed to thrown temper tantrums mostly on days i was working.

6 months came to an end. I travelled to My wifes country to get her and our daughter. I connected immedietly with My girl. She was Happy, smiley dadys girl. I felt relifed,i had My baby safely in My hands...

In My country The problems started. Wife isolated herself into our home i got and Said The home IS ugly and not Place For her. She Never wanted to go Out alone and refused to meet My friends. My patents at first where involved lot, but my wife succeeded throwing them out of our lifes. I have no contact whatsoever what My family anymore. Friends Are not allowed. Recently she Said i need to change Job and earn More ei she can have vaccation.

Every Week she tells how I am Bad and selfish and gets sudden rages where she yells to me (curses. She calls me "a real Gay having secret relationship with one of those useless friends") and often slaps. Once she had putted our door to double lock to prevent me from coming to House after work. Got her to let me inby telling id Call police otherwise.

The abuse continiues and Gets worse. I want to take My little girl and go. My love For her IS dying slowly but surely. But i want My little girl with me, safe from abuse. How could i do IT.. I cant Quit working to Be just with her and I dont have any contact to My parents anymore.

Im isolated and lost.
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