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My wife want a divorce please help

I'm 28 years old and my wife is 21 we married for almost 2 years and we don't have kids together..

My wife is American but im am not..just a resident.
I met my wife 2.5 years ago when i was a tourist and we felt inlove
when the immigration refuse to extend my visa my wife decided to marry me because she wanted to be with me so bad.

our relationship had ups and downs we had fights and most of them was same reasons my anger problems I never hit my wife but sometimes I called her names and she wanted to divorce in the past already but I always promised her that I'll try to do everything to change.

our last fight was two month ago and then she decided to call the lawyer for the divorce process, but in the end we end up somehow to make thing better.

but when we had this fight she said that she don't believe that things can be better and I love her more than my life so I said I will take the risk.

so I changed I didnt had anger problems and tryed everything to make it good..

couple days ago all the weekend she went out with her friends and one day she came back home and I saw her looks sick so I asked what happened? so she said that she is changing and basically she want a divorce..she said that the reason is same
and she wanted to end it last time but she felt bad for me and scared to start the life again without me.

she already called the lawyer and set up a meeting..

she told me she is still love me to death but she is not inloved..

I am so lost she is the only thing in life for me right now..
I left all my family and friends in my home country
and moved to the states to build my life with her.

it shocked me because it came from nowhere..

My family telling me to come back home and start new life..
but the thing that she is my life and I dont know what to do.

I cant eat cant drink.. Please Help me
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replied December 13th, 2010
I am so sorry, tell her how you feel. I do feel bad for you, but it should not be a shock considering she already suggested it. Maybe she is not the one for you if you hsve to change for her. Let this work itself out.
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