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My Wife has suspicious toughts about me Paranoid Schizophrenia

I love my wife and have three little kids. We have been together 7 years now and she getting worse. She also in love with me and extremely jealous that I had to leave my jobs and staying at home, trying to work at home. At this point she thinks that I am sexually abusing our children. She believes she saw many occasions that I touched my son and she refuses that anything wrong with her and she must report me to the police but she does not because she loves me and thrying to "help" me to recover.

At the beginning she was just jealous about the women around me, colleges, friends..ext. I am not very social and I left my job and start working at home just for male clients, after that she accusing me being Gay. She thinks all my clients are gay even married people, she even call them and upset them. I feel very stressed and just trying to find a solution. She refuses that she needs any professional help and she is not trusting her own family members as well so I cannot ask much help from them. She says she had bad childhood, lost her father in her early age and her mother and sisters did not looked after her. She herself very caring person and perfect mother other than this issues. She always asking me to proof myself that I am not cheating on her or I am not Gay, or I am not a child abuser and she refusing to give any effort to solve her suspicious thoughts. Any help and advice will be very appreciated Please.
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replied February 21st, 2012
seek proffessional advice
I can see that she needs urgent consultation with expert physiologist if she delays symtoms would get worse
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