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My teenage daughter walked in on us having sex?

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I feel slightly weird talking about this but i honestly don't know what to do?
Basically i have a teenage daughter who is 14 and last week we had the house to ourselves as we hardly ever do. My son was out with his mates and my daughter was at a sleepover with her mates, knowing we had the house to ourselves my husband wanted to act out one of his fantasies on me (which was very strong if you know what i mean) so i let him.
Not knowing that my daughter had come home as her best friend who was having the sleepover became ill and her parents sent everyone home. Me and my husband were in the living room and she walked in on us.

I have never been so mortified in my entire life.

My daughter is now refusing to talk to either of us and says she never will. Told us that we are disgusting and only animals behave like us, that we have now officially put her off boys for LIFE, and stated that she will never look at the same again.

I honestly do not know what to do
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replied April 18th, 2011
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Cassie, this can be very traumatic for both sides. Does she know about sex? And sex as a recreational activity rather than making babies? If not, now is probably a good a time as any to tell her.

This is just my opinion. I am not sure what you mean by 'very strong' so I am not sure what she saw. You need to explain to her is that what you did was totally concentual. That both you and hubby agreed to it and liked it. That after spending so much time together that you use role play and fantasies to keep each other interested. That you love her and will never do anything to hurt her, and that what happened between you and hubby was meant as a private expression of love between the two of you. That she and her future husband will find their own unique way of showing their love for each other, and that it will likely be totally different than what you did, and that even if it is not totally different, that it will only be what she wants to do. That sex is good and desirable in a loving relationship.

This is just my 5 cents. Only you know your daughter and how to deal with it, even if she is difficult about it or totally grossed out by it. You did not do something that you did not want to do, so you have no reason to feel guilty, only sorry that she saw it.

Best of luck!
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replied July 3rd, 2011
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so it has been a couple months, care to come back and tell how things have been
hope all is fine
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