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My son was just dxed with asthma

Hi all,

My 7 year old son was just dxed with asthma, and I'm just looking for tips to keep it under control.

He's always had seasonal allergy symptoms (hives, coughing) and has a sesame allergy (anaphylaxis) but this year is the first time he's had asthma symptoms. Twice in the past two weeks we've been in the ER for difficulty breathing and wheezing. Yesterday, his pulse ox was at 91 before the two neb txs they gave him.

His ped (and I!) are hoping that this is allergy related only, and will subside once spring is over. But, on the meantime, what are some things I can do to help his symptoms, other than the meds he is on (albuterol, Flovent, Flonase, Allegra, and prednisone?) I am a nurse, but I work in obgyn and know nothing about this kind of thing.

Any advice would be awesome. Thanks Smile
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replied March 29th, 2012
When I first showed symptoms at age 8 I had to be really conscious of my environment. I didnt play outside when the grass was freshly mowed, limited time outside when allergens were really high. Contained the dust and pet hair in the house. I use a small air purifier in my room. They have really inexpensive options at Wal Mart. Using a humidifier at night can be helpful and one with viks if experiencing stuffy nose. It was helpful for me to take a couple puffs of my inhaler before i went out with friends. I had to be aware of my activity and exercise limitations so as not to overdo and have a severe flare up. Talking to the dr about a nebulizer at home may be beneficial so that you can control flare ups at home rather than an ER visit. Also be aware of temperature effects on his asthma. I know if its cold outside I become very tight, summer itself doesnt cause me to flare up but if im too hot and swetay I have a lot of trouble breathing. If this causes him trouble try to maintain a comfortable body temperature for him because this can certaintly be a factor. Dont know how much help this is but I hope it gives you some ideas.
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