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my skin tone is dark, are My nipples are too dark?

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well, I don't have my mom anymore since i was 12 yr old. So i have a lot of question about my body. anyways, my skin tone is dark, well its morena type. and my nipple is dark brown. It is normal?
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replied May 16th, 2012
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I am sorry to hear that. Do you have another adult woman in your life that you trust? An aunt, grand mother, a friend's mother, a teacher, an older sister? It is important that you have somebody to ask these questions from. It is difficult to get all your questions answered by strangers in places like this. I am sure there are many more questions you have.

Yes, it is normal. Women's nipples are different colors (from skin colored, pink, brown right up to almost black), different shades and the areola (the colored patch) are different sizes. Your nipples can be smooth, bumpy or ridgy (is that even a word?). Some women have very clear nipples with a neat border, some women have uneven edges, in some women it is even difficult to determine where the areola actually start.

Take care
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