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My skin...make up

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Now I know medically what to do about ance, that's not the issue! I know how to take care of my skin and normally I don't get outbreaks. I also know what medications to get to clear acne up. I normally do not break out, but this week I did, being my first week back after I had two losses in my family so I am a little stress. Now because I do not have break outs I do not wear make up but now that I have had this stressful week and broken out I was hoping to get advice about make that is good for when you are trying to cover up and not create more ance. Since so many make ups clog your purse I want to make sure that not only am I covering the ance while it heals but that I am not creating more. So if anyone knows some good make ups that work well for and not creating acne please let me know!
-the DOC
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