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My Pill Abortion Experience *saw my baby*

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I just want to add: I am not proud of this but Please DO NOT judge me, I am my own person I have a right to do what I want with my body.

I must say I am never the type of person to write review or post but I had to talk about my experience, it's 5am the morning after so this post won't tell you anything long term I just want to talk about the worst part of my experience that I endured lastnight. I'm having a little cramping right now but I'm fine & happy it's over with.

I started dating this boy, I knew better then to be having unprotected sex without birth control but every time I felt he did the slightest nut in me I would get the Plan B Pill (bad I know) so I finally went to get birth control 3 months later of unprotected sex. They gave me a pregnancy test first, I wasn't surprised when I found out I was pregnant. Cried a lil bit at the thought of killing my child but I asked for the abortion pill anyway. I must say I didn't tell anyone, not even my boyfriend because he would leave me if I killed his child. I start college in january so this was too much for me. I only told one friend because she took ithe abortion pill twice, she said it wasn't that bad it just felt like "bad cramps" oh noooo, they felt way worse then some bad cramps (we're getting to that) I was only 4 weeks so I came back 2 weeks later.

(you don't have to read this part) 4-6 weeks pregnant I was going through an emotional roller coaster, broke up with my poor boyfriend 3 times but he thinks I was emotional because the day I found out I was pregnant he thinks I actually got on birth control. (we are still together) & I was snapping at everyone. Broke my moms dresser I feel so bad now, crying over little stuff, I was sooo emotional. Didn't want to kill my first baby. Went to my friend house she only has 1 baby, & that child was driving her crazy & stopped her from going to school so I knew for sure I wanted an abortion now.

2 weeks came & I went back to Planned Parenthood, everywhere is different but they were very informative. I watched a video in the back. They said who's gonna take care of me (I lied) I told them my friend would be at my house tomorrow. She had to work so I had no one but I wanted to be alone anyway. So I took the first pill in front of them no tuning back now. They gave me the abortion pill to take tomorrow & a prescription for pain meds & anti-nausea pills. Went to CVS & had to wait a hour (32 people ahead of me) I was gonna leave but thank god I didn't! Counter pains pills wouldn't of done a thing

The time has come.......

Had my little table by my bed, had juice, snacks, the controller & pads. In front of me I had the 4 abortion pills, the pain pills, & the anti-nausea pills. Starting looking at abortion pill forums (bad idea) I started to cry a little & I called my friend. She said I was fine & it was just bad cramps so I started laughing at myself for crying. I was never good with cramp periods I would always take a extra Tylenol or Midol then directed when I my period came.

4:30pm - Have a light meal
5:00pm - Take anti-nausea pills & prescription Tylenol (has codeine in it)
5:30pm - Place 4 tablets of misoprostol between cheeks & gum
6:00pm - Swish your mouth with water & swallow remaining of pill

4:30pm I had ritz cheese crackers. 5:00pm I took anti-nausea pill & took 3 prescription Tylenol (only supposed to take 2 but like I said, when it comes to cramps I always take another one) 5:30pm I put the 2 pills on the left lower side & the other 2 on the right side. I sat in the dark watching spongebob patently waiting.... nothing happened. 6:00pm comes (moment of truth) grabbed my water bottle swished my mouth & swallowed the remaining.

6:09pm I felt it, 6:15pm I ran to the bathroom & sat on the toilet. ohhhh it really did hurt like cramps at first. 6:20pm my body got real hot & sweaty, took off all my clothes & grabbed the bucket to throw up... I really force myself not to throw up I just didn't want to repeat it this procedure again or do surgical abortion. The cramps were hurtin so bad, I crawled to the tub & cut on the water. I didn't make a bath I just put the shower head on warmish/hot & sat on my knees leaning forward on my elbows. THE PAIN WAS UNBEARABLE!!!!!!!! I was moaning & moaning, it would stop for 5 seconds then pick back up for 15 seconds. I was going through hell!!!! I started praying to get it out of me. My insides just hurt, nothing like "bad cramps" WAY WORSE like close to giving birth. After an hour of this agony blood finally came out & some blood clots. Then the pain just disappeared, thought it was over WRONG.

Layed their for 20 minutes in the bath tub with the water hitting me, it felt so good but my hot water was running out. I turned the handle for hot water all the way to the end, thank god my shower naturally stays warm doesn't get cold. I sat there mind blown that I took that pain....... 5 more minutes in the pain came back 1000x stronger at this point I was screaming. I called my little brother moaning, told him to get me the Tylenol & turn the house heat up. I was so weak & shaking ohhhh just kepted moaning, the pain I so sad I just couldn't believe how women could go through it. Went through it for about 1 hour & 30 minutes. FINALLY the blood clot came out.

*WARNING DOES GET EXPLICIT* I saw my baby, crazy right? (all the rumors about you don't see your baby only blood clots is a lie) the way I positioned my head in the tub I watched EVERYTHING that came out of me. My baby was little as a quarter, it was a little & whitish looking. It was in a blood clot. I just picked it up & cried, I felt so bad I put it in a napkin. I was so weak but strong enough to get up & grab a towel, was still on pain but it was bearable. hurried up & put a pad on & comfy clothes.

Put mybaby in a little box, I went to my backyard & dug a grave, just sat there cried & prayed. I went inside & just started eating everything still had cramping but it was fine. I was soooo happy it was over. Changed my pad 3 times, woke up at 2am changed it again, & now it's 5am & I just put on a new one. I have tiny bit of cramping lots of blood.

I would NEVER do a pill abortion again, ladies please get on birth control this stuff is not a joke.

To the women doing it, all I can say it make sure your get BIG maxi pads because the blood is so heavy & take extra pain pills. GOODLUCK

If you don't want to go through the pain I suggest surgical abortion. They say everyone's different & some have no pain... I just wouldn't take the chance because if you do get the pain it is unbearable!!!!! Just thinking about what I went through makes me choke. IT HURTS!

Please use birth control!! Questions are welcomed!! I hoped I helped some women.
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replied June 11th, 2014
hi I'm Glane 18,I'm 2months pregnant and I want to abort my pregnancy
I've been taking 6 cytotecs but it doesn't work. The first time I
take was I swallowed 1 and the other one is on the vagina. I followed it up the after
2 days and i swallowed 3cytotec and put 1 inside but its still did not work Sad
really need for the instructions and suggestions please.
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