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My own ADHD treatment, And its been working for me.

Does B12 help treat symptoms of ADHD?
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Hello all, (to skip to the part where I tell you my home remedy, look for the gosign down below)

So I'm sure most of you, if not all of you, are here on this forum looking for advice, or some kind of medical direction. (Sorry about the postceding run-on, The forum post editor will not keep space between paragraphs after this point)

Like you, I suffer with ADHD. I was diagnosed when I was 5 years old. My entire family has it, (On my mothers side, my dads side has high blood pressure, Which exacerbates my ADHD terribly)
So at age 5 I was put on Concerta, I was on all kinds of doses, High at first, medium then, Tried a low dose because of side effects: proved to be no effect for my condition. I was on it till 9th grade, At that point the medication proved to make me a social outcast, a freak, a weirdo. Oh, and lets not forget the best one of all, A fatty. Which isn't normal given my hyperactivity. All of these side effects made me want to get off of the medication, So without the approval of my parents: I began flushing my medication. This caused so many fights with my parents. But of course my social life improved and I was able to go threw puberty like a normal high school teenager. My grades were at steady As, Bs, and a few Cs. I was 14 in 9th grade. By the time senior year came around, I was 17, and crazy hyper, skinny, had so many friends, fit in at any kind of social function, life was great. But then came the real world: I was no fit to get into any kind of career adjustment. And school was my main goal in life, If I was gonna make it in college, and have the motivation and concentration to succeed: I was gonna have to do something about my ADHD. I found this forum somewhere online (Like this one, telling me the exact same thing Im about to tell you.) Don't fight your ADHD, But do something to stand in the way of it. [[[[THIS IS THE PART YOU NEED TO READ}}}}} Coffee puts me to sleep, Energy drinks only make me stay awake, Nothing makes me "speed" or "concentrate". So what does this tell you? In order to tame your ADHD, you must do something to calm yourself. And in my case, the things that calm me usually make normal people go wild, like animals. B12 for example, This vitamin supplement is suppose to give a person energy. Also, B complex is suppose to do the same thing, and also contains folic acid, which helps b12 do its thing. Why not try these things? gosign AND THIS IS WHERE THE MIRACLE ADVICE IS: 500 mcgs of b12 and one High Potency B-Complex a day, in the morning preferably. This medicine plan does not make me speed, does not make my mind race, But instead makes me think CLEAR, it makes me able to have a conversation without throwing my words all over the place like a live jigsaw puzzle for the hearer to have to decipher. I am able to concentrate, I am still an active person, but instead of being TOO active, and TOO much of a thinker, I am able to do it in a functioning manner. It doesn't do to me like it does to normal people that take it, Its like an ADHD remedy that doesn't have harmful side effects. The only side effect I have noticed is that I am more thirsty, and also when you first start the b12, you must take an ibeprophen with it, but only for the first 3 days. (See, b12 thickens your blood, not to dangerous proportions, but to the point to where your brain is taking in a little more than usual, its not a normal headache either: its this weird tingle that creeps on you, its odd, But ibeprophen makes it go away, and after 3 or 4 days the veins in your brain have already been bigger for long enough to stay that way without feeling any different in your head) I've been on these too vitamins for 3 years, And I'm in my 3rd semester of college - I'm in the nuclear medicine program at my college. I'm doing great, and I owe it to these vitamins for seeing me threw this experience. Don't just take my word for it, Try it, It helps you steer clear of anxiety and stupid racing thoughts, and keeps you on the right track. (Make sure the B complex you buy is TIME RELEASE and that it contains FOLIC ACID) (AND ONLY GET 500 MCGS OF B12, YOU WILL GET A HEAD RUSH WITH ANY MORE THAN THAT) If you have tried this method, please comment your results below, I would love to hear about this from other people. Because no one else I know has tried this.
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