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My nipples have absolutely no sensitivity. Normal?

I'm 27. I have very large (38 DD) breasts. Not sure if this is relevant, but they hang, nipples on the bottom. I also have very large areolas, probably the size of an apple. They've hung since not long after they first grew when I was a teenager.
I've always noticed that they're not sensitive. I mean, I've noticed that the tissue in the breast itself gets tender around that time of the months, but the actual skin on my breasts/nipples has pretty much no sensitivity. I can literally pick my breasts up by the nipple and feel nothing but the slight pinch of holding the nipple. I've also noticed the nipples feel loose (not sure if this is normal, as it's not like I've touched other girls' breasts). During sexual activities, they still maintain little to no sensitivity, feeling only small amounts of pressure and temp changes.
So I guess I'm asking if this is normal. Is there anything I can do about it?
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replied May 13th, 2013
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It is probably normal for you. There isn't a standard amount of sensitivity nipples should have and not all women find having their nipples touched, kissed, pinched find the sensation pleasing or arousing and even those that do find the connection isn't there all the time.

I have known women who find having their breasts and especially nipples touched to be very irritated by it at any time. Others who, like you, have little or no sensation at all and some who find their nipples connected sexually sometimes. Sometimes they come alive only after sex has begun and sometimes before but only if it has been some weeks since the last sexual activity.

As breasts are for the nurture of infants the real test of whether your breasts are functioning normally is probably yet to come.

I am not sure what you mean by your nipples feeling loose. I suggest you talk over your concerns with your doctor or practice nurse who should be able to provide reassurance and while you are there teach you how to examine your breasts if you don't already know.

Good luck!
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replied May 19th, 2013
All breasts have the same amount of nerves so the fact that your breasts are so big is most likely the reason to why they're not sensitive. Usually smaller breasts are more sensitive but it can vary.
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