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my mother suffers from schizophrenia i think.

Hi All.

I am here to ask help about my mother who suffers from schizophrenia i think. .
The things she does:
1. Does all house hold works.
2. Has severe mood swings for a moment she is normal next moment bursts out of anger.
3. 90% of the time she is talking to herself.
4. Doesnt have proper food.
5. At times has very huge amounts of food at once.
6. Doesnt take care of herself and she is least bothered.

I am from India where religious beliefs say that some evil force has entered her body.
I am facing this problem in my family for almost 6years. My parents marriage is almost broken.
Things have turned severe my life is getting ruined now.

She uses a very abusive language and she keeps shouting. At times i ask what is she feelings and why is she doing all this she says she is not doing all this she is forced to do these things.
She has lost control over her body. Its like some one is commanding her to talk and work.
She has all types of hallucions and delusions.
One of the common things she speaks is about my weight . I am overweight anf trying my best yo lose weight.
I am not able to live a social life anymore she has objections for everything i do.

We have taken her to doctor a couple of times shr take medicines when our relatives are with us and when they leave she stops and turns voilent. .
Her age 45.

Pls suggest me what can be done. .I am ready to do anything to cure her.

Thanks !!!
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replied August 10th, 2012
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My schizophrenia was an evil spirit.

Thats all that psychosis was.
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replied August 22nd, 2012
generally schizophrenia hits women between the ages of 25-33 and males between 17-24. my brother has schizophrenia and does a lot of the things you describe here one thing he just told his therapist is he yells because its like someone jumped into him and is squeezing his insides. but she could also be suffering from bipolar disorder, it can hit at any time during a persons life, but its best to take her to a psychiartrist
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