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My Mom won't get me help

So I've self diagnosed myself with depression since I was about 12 and it's been on and off. I had one episode where I was completely numb and thought of suicide constantly. But I've gotten a little better and I don't really think of suicide that much. Anyway I started selfharming when I was 14 and last summer I told my mom. All she did was cry and ask if it was her fault and then later that day she told me I couldn't tell anyone or they'd put me into a mental institution. But I didn't stop I kept selfharming but in a different place, because I showed her which was on my ankles.

The second time I told her was a few weeks ago and I'm 15 now. We were recently moving and I thought it was now or never, with incouragement from some class friends who'd been helping me cope. So I told her and she was concerned more than last time. I told we every reason why I self harmed, I told her how I was depressed and I just wanted to be normal and happy. So she took me to the hospital, the doctors asked me some questions but I was completely mute and I couldn't look at anyone I was so ashamed. After that the doctor told my mom to take me to a doctors office instead of a hospital, she hasn't yet and I doubt she will. She's doing what she did last time acting like it never happened, and honestly now it's getting worse and I don't feel like I can trust her anymore.

But what I'm asking is does anyone know anyway I could get help, I feel depressed and I have an anxiety/OCD problem and I've had a couple of minor anxiety attacks and I've only told my mom about one of them.
I just want to be happy and feel normal.
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replied October 21st, 2014
You just need attention yeah..So you could avoid depression.
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replied October 24th, 2014
Some Advice:
I'm sorry your mother isn't taking the proper steps to help you and your issues. I'm a recovering self harmer and started cutting around the same time you did, one time I did it so bad I had to go to the ER and get about 6 stitches if i remember correctly? That's when my secret was out, otherwise I had only told my boyfriend. After being in the ER a socialworker was assigned to meet and speak with me. She got me an appointment with a therapist who i saw for a short while but helped A LOT. I am recovering because of that experience which I never thought would happen. I suggest speaking to a school councler. it is NOT true they're going to throw you in a mental hospital becuase you self harm.. They are going to briefly evaluate you,and from there they decide where to go. If that is the case that is. Like i was saying.. Talk to a teacher, a school councler, a friends mom. It seems like your mom is having trouble coping with the thought, which is understandable, but you need to get yourself help. Try hotlines as well when you need someone to just understand and talk to.. It'll get better as you get older, trust me. It's really hard and confusing being a teenager.
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