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My Medical Abortion - Positive experience (physically)

Hello, I am not writing this out to ask any questions, but simply to share my story. When I was considering my options after I found out I was pregnant, forums such as these were a lifesaver. I just want to pay it forward.

First of all, I am 24 years old. I live with my boyfriend of 3 years, who I one day plan to marry. We had talked about children, but definitely were not ready for one when we found out I was pregnant. It was a heart-wrenching few days while we decided what to do. I literally cannot describe how painful it was to realize that we could not afford this baby and were not emotionally ready to be good parents. It was awful.

So after those terrible, dark days, I finally had the courage to schedule my medical abortion. I called Planned Parenthood on Monday morning and was scheduled for my first appointment the following Wednesday (two days later). I was terrified about what to expect, as I had never been to a PP before.

The day of my appointment my boyfriend and I drove up to PP. There were no protestors out front like I was afraid there would be, which was a good sign. We checked in and I filled out some paperwork. A bunch of the paperwork needed a "witness" to sign as well so I was glad that I did not come alone. Here is how my appointment went - I do not remember exact times of things (I did not have my phone or a watch on me) but all in all I was at the clinic for about 3 hours.

Arrival, check-in (I had to be buzzed in by the front desk), filling out paperwork

I was finally called in, where I watched a 5 minute video about Medical Abortions and what to expect.

I was then weighed, measured, my blood pressure was taken, and a vile of my blood was taken. I gave a urine sample. The medical assistant asked me some health questions, as well as some "counseling-type" questions such as: Were you forced into this decision? Will your partner harm you when he finds out you have had an abortion? etc.

I was then directed to a smaller waiting room outside the main waiting room where I sat for what felt like years. Finally I was called in to the exam room where I undressed from the waist down and waited for the doctor to come in. The doctor gave me a vaginal ultrasound, which was not painful, but very uncomfortable. I have had a gyno exam before, but for some reason, I felt very exposed this time. It took her a long time to find the embryo (maybe 7ish minutes), and she then told me I was 5 weeks 4 days pregnant. Before the exam, I think its interesting to note that she asked me if I wanted to know if I had twins or if I wanted to see the ultrasound monitor. I said yes to both questions, as I am a curious person. I think she was surprised by my answer. She never told me whether or not I had twins and she also never let me see the monitor. I guess I was in too much shock to speak up; I just lied there waiting for her to finish. I did sneak a peek at the ultrasound print-outs, and saw my embryo which looked like a dark circle. I really did want to know this information, I kind of felt like seeing the pictures would be like saying goodbye in way.

I was then sent back to the small waiting room. When I was called back out, and this is the weirdest part of my whole experience: the pill which would stop my pregnancy and begin my abortion, the pill that I was deathly terrified to take, was administered to me IN THE HALLWAY of the planned parenthood! Where other patients, MA's and doctors are just strolling about. This really upset me, but I figured I was at a low-cost clinic so I really had no right to complain. Looking back I wish I would have, again, I think the shock prevented me from doing so. Somebody walking by as I was swallowing this fateful pill even had the nerve to tell me my haircut was cute, which normally I would have appreciated, but it almost made me cry because of the gravity of the pill I had just swallowed. It just seemed sooo wrong. Ladies, if any of you are reading this and are planning a medical abortion, SPEAK UP FOR YOURSELF if ANYTHING like this happens to you!!

That night, I felt physically fine, I was mostly just overwhelmed about the magnitude of the events of the day. I think my thoughts were making me dizzy, not really the medication.

The next day I went to work, where I was mostly unproductive because I was thinking about my situation, but I was running out of paid time off so I kind of had to go in. I left work promptly at the end of the day, and went to Rite Aid with my boyfriend to get supplies. ladies, this is a must-buy list for your home experience when you take your second set of pills!

* An electric heating pad for the cramps. Mine was $15
* Ibuprofen (1000 mg tablets were prescribed to me at PP)
* Anti-Nausea medicine (I got Rite Aid brand)
* Extra heavy flow overnight maxi pads
* Regular maxi pads (you cant use a tampon for two weeks, so you'll need these for the later bleeding if you dont already have some)
* Gatorade/water/juice
* Crackers/snacks - I got goldfish crackers, saltines, and bananas.

We then went home around 4pm. I turned on some Netflix to distract me, changed into my comfy PJs and put a maxi pad on. I took some anti-nausea medicine, an ibuprofen tablet, and then 30 minutes later, put the 4 abortion pills in between my cheeks and let them dissolve for 30 min. I swallowed the remaning after 30 minutes, which was some pill chalky stuff as well as the pill shell.

An hour or so went by and I had to use the restroom. I noticed I had started to bleed and it looked like a normal period.

Over the rest of the night, I suffered pretty bad cramps, but not worse than the worst days of my period. I passed a few tiny clots, but nothing major. I bled more than I would on a heavy period day, but it wasnt crazy. I never filled one of those maxi pads or got blood on any of my clothes or bedsheets. I never felt nauseated, I never threw up, and I never had diarrhea. Only cramping and bleeding. I was sooo terrified of what would happen after reading other peoples' stories, and the medical staff at PP also prepared me for the worst.

I think I passed the embryo around 2am, as I woke up with awful cramps, went to the restroom and bled a clot into the toilet, then went back to bed. I woke up and felt loads better in the morning. THe next day it was just like a normal heavy period day. I was able to clean my apartment and go to the grocery store.

I am not 100% sure why my body reacted so mildly to the second pills; maybe I just got lucky, or maybe I was well-prepared. I did keep myself very hydrated (I drank a TON of water), I had a full stomach, and I was taking the anti-nausea medicine as often as it was safe according to the label on the bottle (make sure you check your bottle's label!)

I go back in a couple weeks for my follow-up to make sure it was a complete success. Today I feel great physically. All of my pregnancy symptoms are gone, as well as a great deal of my emotional disturbances. I feel very logical and level headed today and it is making me feel like a whole new person. Dont get me wrong, i am VERY sad that I could not keep my baby, but I know in my heart that I made the right choice for me, the man I love, and for our child and future children. Even though this was the hardest experience of my life and I would never wish it on ANYBODY, there were some beautiful things that came from my abortion - I want to be a better person for this little life I could not keep. I owe it to that life to make my life the BEST I can make it. I want to do so many things that I have always wanted to do, but made so many excuses. My boyfriend and I are now making plans to save money so we can be parents in the next 5-7 years. We want to travel the world, get married, buy a house, and save up for our future baby. This life that I could not keep has rededicated us to future children we bring into this world, and for that, I am so thankful for that little dark circle embryo that I saw so briefly on those print out sheets. If not for my little embryo, who knows when we would have buckled down and taken a hard look at our lives and priorities.

Sorry if this was so long to read. I wrote from my heart and I hope that this can help at least one person.

I am sending out all my love to you ladies in this situation. I feel for you. Please let me know if you have any questions.
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First Helper ShortyLB

replied June 30th, 2013
My story with the medical abortion...

The baby was conceived on april 27th
i found out i was pregnant 14 days later
immediately made the decision to get an abortion
and actually took the Misoprostal on June 8th at whole womens health in fort worth

The most important thing you need to know about having an abortion is doing it for YOU and no one else. If you are at peace with your decision and are doing this for yourself then you will also be at peace after the abortion, and feel a sense of relief. If you are doing this for someone else and even a small portion of you wants to keep the baby then maybe you should. If a small part of you wants to keep it then the decision to go through with the procdeure may or may not haunt you. You need to be sure about it.. and fully understand that an abortion is a matter of the heart.. and that having one doesn’t make you a terrible person. I took the Mifeprestone on Saturday (7-7-13) at 11:11 and didn’t start feeling a bit different until 24 hours later. The next day on the 8th, I took Vicodin (for pain) & a Promethazine pill (for nausea) 15 minutes before I let the 4 pills dissolve as best they could in my gum line at 12:30. Maybe 3 minutes later, after swallowing the remainder of the pills that hadn’t dissolved, I threw up all of the pills.. along with what I had for breakfast that morning. I freaked out and called my doctor and she said that since I allowed for the pills to dissolve for the amount of time my doctor had told me to, that throwing up shouldn’t be a big deal and that it should still work. I started bleeding around 1 o clock, approximately 30-40 minutes after taking the pills. The first day there was of course bleeding, and passed golf ball sized clots of tissue which was painless.. and slimy. The doctor tells you that if your soaking 2 maki pads in one hour for 2 hours in a row, that is too much. Even though the blood ended up seeping through 3 pairs of underwear and 2 pairs of pants, my blood loss was normal. It would be most conveniant for you to stay home the day you take the Misoprostal pills… typically so you can stay near a toilet so you can pass the clots. I could feel them coming on and would go to the bathroom instead of letting the clots get in the pad. I have read some reviews of girls using tampons during this process.. DO NOT USE TAMPONS! If the clinic you went to didn’t tell you NOT to use them, they deserve a TERRIBLE review! Anyways… I only passed the clots for one day, and then after that when I would go to the bathroom.. the blood would seem fairly thick and it seemed like little by little I would pass tissue that way instead of passing them in clots. This is normal. Ultimately I bled for about 2 and a half weeks but it was only heavy for 2-3 days, and after my 2 week checkup I could get away with not wearing a panty liner even though there was minor spotting. Last week I had my 2 week checkup (7-22-13) and everything went PERFECTLY. My pregnancy test was negative and the women saw NO remaining tissue during the vaginal sonogram.

Ultimately.. the surgery may have been easier, because it is over sooner.. but I chose the abortion pill because during the surgery they will SCRAPE your uterus… which can cause tares which is what causes scar tissue to form, and that is what can cause you to become sterile. With the abortion pill there is no scraping. For me the abortion was just like a period. They give you pain meds for the cramping and when you run out its really not that bad. Just pop a quarter of a xanax and you will be fine. If you are considering going through with this.. my words of advice to you is to RELAX. Everything is going to be okay. My greatest fear is finding out I’m not able to have kids…. And if I knew there was the smallest chance that was out of my control that the abortion pill could have made me sterile, I would have more then likely given it up for adoption. The only way the abortion pill can play a role in that is if there is left over tissue and you don’t catch it and get it removed… which is why it is so important to go to your follow up check up.
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replied October 18th, 2016
when is the earliest to do a check up to see if all the tissue is gone? did they put you on anti biotics? I'm scared of getting a infection from this
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replied September 22nd, 2013
My medication abortion
I'm writing this in hopes that it will help to put other women at ease who find themselves in the predicament I was in...First of all, know that you are not alone. Deciding to have an abortion is not an easy decision.

On September 11, 2013 I took an at home pregnancy test. It was positive, and I was not surprised. The week before had been abnormal, I had been stuffing my face a lot more than usual, and was craving only 2 things - which I ate every single day for the 7 days prior to my test. I also had been constipated for 4 days, which was abnormal for me. I had been working out at home, doing leg lifts and sit ups for 2 weeks prior to the test, and was miffed when I kept GAINING weight, rather than toning up like I usually do.

I won't get into the reasons why i chose to have an abortion, they are irrelevant. This is a story about my experience, not the reasons behind my choice...I went to my local doctor to confirm the pregnancy the following monday, and after doing a urine and blood test, it was confirmed that I was indeed pregnant. I talked with her about my options, and she sent me home with a referral to Planned Parenthood.

I had my appointment at PP 4 days later (Friday), which was yesterday morning. The first thing they did was to give me a urine test. They then sat me in a room and explained the two types of medication that I would be receiving, the first pill (administered in front of them at PP) called mifepristone, and the second set (4 pills which are to be administered at home bucally - between the cheeks and the teeth) called misoprostol.

Paperwork was signed, stating that I understood the risks. I had to agree to have an aspiration abortion in the (rare) case that the medication abortion failed. I had my finger pricked to check for anemia, as they told me there would be a lot of blood loss, and I had to have a blood quant draw to compare the level of hormone in my body to the blood quant draw I would have to do again in a week, to make sure the levels were going to go down.

I was sent into a room where the doctor performed a vaginal ultrasound on me, which I was skeptical about at first, but it was neither uncomfortable nor awkward. The wand just gets inserted into your vagina, it doesn't hurt or anything like that. I opted to see my baby on the ultrasound, and my doctor printed me out a copy as well. He determined that I was approximately 5 weeks and 6 days pregnant.

After the ultrasound, we went into a second room where he explained a little more to me about the medication, and I swallowed the first pill. I didn't feel anything strange for the rest of the day, I felt absolutely normal, except for the nausea and cramping already associated with my pregnancy. I did not feel dizzy, woozy, or sick because of the first pill. After my appointment, I went home and prepped my pamphlets, hopped on the computer, and researched other medication abortion stories to help ease my mind for the next day.

Exactly 24 hours later at 11:30 am this morning(half an hour after I took a Tylenol 3 with codeine), I inserted the 4 misoprostol into my mouth, and let them dissolve for half an hour between my cheek and teeth. Whatever was leftover at 12 noon, I swallowed with a bit of water. About 15 minutes later, my fingers started to get tingly, and then numb. I was a bit worried, but it was for nothing, as it passed. I also started to get worried as I still hadn't started bleeding yet, I began to think that I had done something wrong, also I had barely any cramping. I was even hungry!

I popped a microwave mac n cheese in the microwave, and when it was done, I plopped down with it on my bed and put a movie on. And that's when it hit me.

I wanted to puke SO HARD. I felt a little blood come out. The cramps started to intensify. I lay in bed hoping that would be the worst of it, I kept saying "it'll just be llke a bad period, it'll pass soon" trying to have faith that I would have the best case scenario.

Not to scare you, but the next 3 hours were pure hell for me. PURE HELL. I was sweating, I had chills, I was on the toilet the entire time, holding on to the wall on either side of me, with my pants down, with small clots and blood coming out, and shaking from the pain, exclaiming in agony. My lower back killed me, I couldn't find a comfy way to sit, whether leaning back, or forward, or sitting straight up. I honestly did not know I could feel that much pain, I have never felt pain like that in my entire life, and I am accustomed to having pretty radical period cramps. I was glad my boyfriend wasn't home with me at the time, because I'm pretty sure if he was, and if he saw me like that he would've taken me to the hospital (which would've been unneccessary, as this was all part of it). I cursed myself on the toilet, wishing I would've taken the aspiration route instead. Even my dog felt bad for me, peeking in the bathroom with her sympathetic eyes, and even curling up on the rug beneath my feet. I vomited out of my mouth AND my nose once, and approximately 10 more times after that. I couldn't even keep down water. I tried to take another pain pill, but threw it up about 20 minutes later. I honestly thought I was dying. On a pain scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest, those 3 hours were a 30.

And just when i thought it couldn't get any worse, just when i was sweating profusely and eyelids fluttering from the mixture of codeine and pain and felt like I was going to drift off, the pain subsided. Not totally, but from a 30 down to maybe an 11. And more sporadic. I was actually able to get off the toilet and walk to the bed, where I promptly lay down on my back.

The cramps came in waves, they were intense, but more spread out that my hours on the toilet, where they were constant. I massaged my tummy, and closed my eyes. I actually was able to drift off for a half an hour and when I awoke I felt a lot better.

I continued to have cramps for the following hour, but they were diminishing. Finally at about 6:30 this evening, I went to pee. As usual, some smallish clots (under an inch) fell out, but just as I was going to wipe, I felt something fall out of me on to the tissue. I looked at it, and lo and behold guess what it was? Yup. It was the sac containing my tiny fetus.

It was a clear piece of tissue with teeny tiny blood vessels and this tiny lump (fetus) inside, measuring approximately 5-6 mm just as big as my doctor said it would be from the ultrasound measurement. Tiny blood clots were present on the tissue. I'm glad it didn't fall in the toilet. I put it in a tiny box and have plans to bury my little one tomorrow morning.

It's been 2 hours since the sac with the fetus has passed, and my bleeding has slowed down, but I still am cramping. The cramps are more occasional and the pain is less severe, maybe at a 3. I'm taking my antibiotics to prevent uterine infection, hoping for the best.

I hope my story helped to put at least one womans mind at ease. I know that the experience will be different for everyone, but I just want those who are really concerned with the pain to be reassured that it will hurt, for some more than others, but the pain won't last forever. You can do it. rainbow
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replied October 18th, 2016
Do they give you anti biotics at the clinic, and when do you take them? Im scared to get a infection. I'm supposed to get the abortion on friday
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replied January 25th, 2014
Thank you, ladies, for sharing your experiences. I, too, want to share my experience in order to help women out there who are afraid of what is going to happen during a medical abortion. After I made my decision to have an abortion, I read so many horrible stories on the internet and I was terrified. I now believe that many of those stories were fake, written by people who are anti-choice and who are trying to dissuade women from going through with the abortion.

I'm not going to discuss my reasons for the abortion, because I'm writing this only to try to reassure women that the actual process is not as painful (physically) as others make it out to be. Your actual choice to have the abortion can only be made by you, and everyone has different reasons for choosing to keep or end a pregnancy.

On the first day of the appointment, I was given the first pill (the abortion pill) by the nurse, along with 2 antibiotics. After taking that pill, when I went home I did feel a bit nauseous, but I took an anti-nauseau pill that I was prescribed, and it went away. They following day, I had very slight cramping (as if my period were just about to come) and very very light spotting.

24 hours after I took the first pill, I had a light meal, and took my pain meds. I took 2 oxycodone pills, and 800 mg. of advil. That was the maximum amount the doctor advised me to take. I thought it seemed like a lot, but the doctor had said it was ok, and I was terrified of the pain, so I took it all. I also took an anti-nausea pill.

30 minutes later, I took the 4 misoprostol pills and held 2 in each cheek for 30 minutes while they dissolves. Then, I swallowed the rest with a glass of water.

Then came the waiting. Nothing happened for about an hour. After an hour, I went to the bathroom and had started bleeding. It was normal bleeding like a normal period, with no clots. I didn't feel any pain. After about 2 hours, the bleeding became heavier, with clots (some slightly smaller than a golf ball, but most were smaller than a grape). I felt slight cramping, but it definitely wasn't painful. It was just like a period when you take pain meds.

After 3 hours, I felt so sleepy from the oxycodone that I started to fall asleep. I drifted off, holding a hot water bottle to my abdomen. I felt strange and trippy from the oxy, and had some weird lucid dreams. I forced myself to get up and go to the bathroom frequently so I could pass more blood and clots. The bleeding got very heavy sometimes, but never enough to soak through my pads while I was sleeping.

Now it is noon the next day. I still have bleeding, but it is tapering off. The pain meds have worn off, but I feel no cramping.

The only pain I have now is emotional pain. I went through this experience alone, because I"m not with the man who got me pregnant. I am living with my parents now, but I didn't tell them about this. It was hard and emotionally draining to go through this by myself. The friends who I told about it said they would be there for me, but it seems they were just saying empty words, and when it came down to it, they weren't really there. Today I'm feeling really sad and I can't stop crying. I'm sure this is due to hormones, fatigue from being up all night, and the fact that I ended my pregnancy. I want a baby someday; this just isn't a time I can have one.

I want to reiterate: for me, the medical abortion was not painful. I would strongly advise anyone who is having one to take the pain medication your doctor gives you half an hour before you take the misoprostol. I was nervous about taking oxy because so many people become addicted. But they don't give you a large enough supply to develop a habit, and honestly, I didn't feel 'high' or anything, just sleepy. Have a hot water bottle, that really helps. In the end, it felt like a period to me.

Oh, and I didn't have any vomiting or diarrhea either, like some women have reported. Maybe I'm just lucky.

I hope that whatever you decide to do, you find peace and comfort in this difficult time. If you are worried about the pain, don't be. I know every woman's experience is different, but for me, I got through it (physically) with no pain.
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replied April 14th, 2014
My Positive Abortion Pill Experience
My experience with this method was very easy and relatively painless.

I was only with my boyfriend of a few months and we were using protection and being safe. Our primary method (condoms) had failed us and so did my second method (morning after pill) and I became pregnant. I didn't have any symptoms other than having very sore breasts and being extremely tired.

I cried when I found out because it was never my wanting to be pregnant and I was a full-time student finishing my BS degree. The guy I was with was turning out to be possessive as well and I had to get away from him as I had already plan to break up before the pregnancy happened. I called Planned Parenthood and made an appointment. I knew I wanted an abortion the moment I found out. There was no way I could take on a child. I went to my appointment and they took my insurance info and I Went back to take another PG test and they also took a blood test. Next the ultrasound came which was simple and painless.

The scan revealed I was around 6 weeks. They give you the option to view the ultrasound or not. They were very nice and considerate about everything.I opted not to see it but I kind of wanted to afterwards. Next they took me in another office to explain what the pills do and how to take them. Very easy. I took the first pill there with the nurse. This stops the growing embryo. I went home and took some nausea pills they also gave me. Easy.

24 hours later it was time to take the other pills to expel the contents from my uterus. I was a little nervous but my best friend was with me for support. I put them in my cheeks to absorb into my blood system. I put a pad in my undies to prepare for any leakage.

The night went on, we put on a movie. I was feeling okay. I felt blood come out, similar when your period comes the first day, nothing bad. I had a bit of cramping but it wasn't even as bad as period cramps. Tissue and clots came out but it was painless they just passed as I went to the bathroom. I saw something that may have been the sac but it looked empty but it wasn't anything disturbing. I feel like my bleeding was heavy for about 3-4 hours and then it subsided and I had normal period like bleeding for the next couple days and all my breast soreness dissipated 100%.

I went back a few days later for a checkup and she said everything emptied out nicely and I was no longer pregnant and I was so relieved and happy that day. I felt like I had a second chance at life and I wouldn't be ruining a child's life by not being prepared.

I never had any doubt afterwards that I had done the wrong thing. I did not feel any sadness or depression. For me, it was the best thing I could have done. I am now away from a creepy ex boyfriend who tried to make me feel bad/trying to convince me to keep it. I am in a happy healthy relationship now. A few months later I had an IUD placed in me at my University's health center as I do not wish to become pregnant again and it is very effective. I highly recommend one. They last for 5 years or more depending on which kind you get.

I was able to have a normal week after the entire thing as well. It's nice to be able to be in the comforts of your home when going through this. Good luck to anyone and I hope this might help someone in a difficult time. Best Wishes.
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replied October 21st, 2016
I just want to say thank you to all of the women who shared their stories, it has really helped me tonight. I just took my first pill earlier today and waiting the 24hr currently to take the next 4 in my cheek. I'm very nervous but so glad there's many other women who have gone through this for now I don't feel as scared as before. Again thank you ladies.
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replied January 15th, 2017
Confused: Is it a prolonged period or second bout of bleeding?
dear all especially shortyLB i could completely relate to you physically and mentally as my situation and experience is quite similar. It was my first conception and though i was not expecting it, my motherly urges had completely swung into action. I was unhappy for not being in a position to have it and i was talking to my baby and apologising to it for having to send it back to the land where it came from. But i was so full of love for it and assured that it can never be forgotten. At times the love still wells up and i cry. But now i am returning to normal.

Now for the practical side. I had my abortion 3 days after i took the pills. I remember the anxiety and it was all so uncertain. Now i am past that but into the next stage which is yet again uncertain. So bleeding heavily for half day i pass orange size clots and the embryo in 12 hours. Then i bled lightly for another two days and spotted for another week. So i take the pill on dec 3rd, spot a little on 4rth and start bleeding on the evening of the 5th. By 6th afternoon i might have completed the abortion with the embryo coming out and kept bleeding reasonably till 8th dec and this reduced to spotting and gradually stopped by 15th dec. Fine now but i start bleeding again on the 29th of dec, i presume it to be my periods. I have a reasonably heavier period and on all days unlike the slightly heavy first two days. on the 6th day it reduces to spotting and returns heavier than the beginning on the 7th day passing small clots whenever i moved.This went on for twenty four hours and came down to spotting which has continued and again now on the 16th day has become heavier, soaked two pads in a day which is manageable but yet i am in a dilemma today the 17th day as it is showing no signs of stopping. Can everybody who has passed through medical abortion and the phase of returning to normal menstrual cycle please share their experience chronologically as far as you remember.

My questions would be when did your periods come and how long were they?

Or did you experience prolonged bleeding after an interval after the medical abortion?

How old was your pregnancy when you underwent your abortion?

Note: i was 4 weeks pregnant.
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replied January 15th, 2017
See I was very queasy and going through my morning sickness. By the fourth week i was vomiting like towards anything. The throat was dry and i could always feel a ball in my throat. My mouth was steely. So when I took mifepristone i was pretty much sick. I took it in the morning after having some food, as i was advised to eat properly. I didnt vomit but i was sick. in the evening i didnt feel like eating as i already had hesitant lunch. Now i had juice and took two misoprostol after 12 hours as adviced but vomited withhin five minutes including all that i had that day. So i dont know whether the misoprostol had even absorbed. And the next day i just spotted a bit after a bout of vomiting. so the next few days were burdening as i didnt understand the spotting and nothing else happened.Then after a couple of days i started bleeding. I am 36. I reached puberty when i was 15 and since then i have had regular normal and manageable periods that last for 6 days. first two days heavy and then reducing and spotting on the 6th day. I have pains on the first day which i might not have when i have excersiced well. Occassionally it skips by half cycle when i am stressed or when i have been sexually active. I used to feel a bit painful near the vaginal area when i bled but never felt the passing. But now post abortion i didnt have any pains but a lot of weakness. And i can feel the blood passing in clots or liquid. Can these signs help in any way to diagnose my prolonged bleeding. Please kindly help me out.
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replied March 26th, 2017
I am currently in the process of a medication abortion right now. I took the first pill at the clinic yesterday that terminated the pregnancy and today I took the four final pills that empties my uterus... I made the mistake of reading some online forums about awful experiences with the pill and so naturally I was terrified! And then I found this post right before I was to take the 4 pills.. Thank you for this because it eased my mind and gave me strength to actually put the pills in my mouth. My experience has been fine. No vomiting, no diarrhea, no fever.. Just mild cramps and extremely tired all day.. I wish any and everyone the best. I also strongly suggest staying hydrated and taking the pain and nausea pills beforehand, they really help!
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replied July 25th, 2017
This is my first time ever having an abortion and im 19 years young. This is also the only supportive site i've found. IF ANYONE COULD HELP ME OR GIVE ME SOME ADVICE I WILL GREATLY APPRECIATE IT ! BECAUSE I'M SUPPER NERVOUS. I'M WORSE THAN A KID STARTING KINDERGARTEN LOL. BUT ...ANYWAYS HERE MY QUESTION / SITUATION.

Okay, June 7th, I had an medication abortion (orally) I took 6 pills. An extra two because I was 9 weeks and 4 days. The doctor told me he wanted to ensure it will work. The 21 made a long anxious 2 weeks and now tomorrow i had a gynecologist appointment because of person issues i wont be available to take the 1 and 10 min drive to the abortion clinic. Although I am going to the OBGYN tomorrow. Which I did call the clinic and asked will it be okay if i do a follow up locally because i am unable to make it, and they gave me the okay to do so. I still have questions pondering my mind. Also, Because I don't or didn't want to deal with judgmental thoughts, looks and responses i chose not to tell my primary doctor i had an abortion i just said " i thought i was pregnant and have been bleeding for about 1-2 weeks" making it sound more on the spontaneous miscarriage side.

My first question is: I understand pregnancy hormones stays in your body 4-6 weeks after miscarriage/abortion. So, How will doctors know if your pregnant or not?

2. Is it safe to continue my birth control pill??

3.i have lost symptoms of nausea, tender breast, abdominal pain, and when i press on my tummy there is no pain at all. Are those good signs that the abortion was successful? I literally just check my (BP) blood pressure at home it read 115/58.

4.what are the sign the abortion isn't complete?
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