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My Lupus or vitamin B deficiency story

Hi Ive had 2 + ana's now the second time the rheumie did extras which point to lupus the gp told me this as she got a copy, but will let the Rheumie explain when I go back to see her.
Basically my knees started hurting became impossible to bend as my joints all seemed to swell up not red or hot just edematous, whole leg cramps when stretching legs or pointing toes to get shoes on ouch, deadly tired, lost ability to stumble, every joint in my body hurt and had unbearable pain if knocked even lightly, wrist swelling gave me very bad carpal tunnel both hands lost all grip strenght and feeling in 3 fingers hand cramps, blurred vision, permanent chest infection, tachycardia foot pain and all joints clicking even my jaw basically everything went wrong this started july Then December it changed my B12 was lowish so the gp gave me a small dose b complex I immediately felt some better my joins diddnt hurt when I knocked them they had been so bad I couldnt even clap my hands together, my swelling reduced a lot. I went back to ask for larger dose the gp I had seen was a locum so saw regular gp who thought it was just coincidence would not give me more this is when I became Holland and barrats best customer I started taking B 100 complex 4 tabs a day all of my symptoms improved masses some completely cured but if I lower the dose my eyesight deteriorates.
I was then left with carpal tunnel which tbh dosent bother me in terms of strenghth now just the swelling in my fingers, foot pain my bones in my feet would hurt, still deadly tired, some knee pain.
3 days ago I started vitamin B6 but the active form P5P which is supposed to help the carpal tunnel, it must be the active form.
And now wow 3 days on my foot pain is much improved my hand swelling is much improved my knees feel normal again completely better. And I feel awake I cant remember the last time I could manage a day without needing a nap I still however have the tachycardia but everything else seems so much better Im hopeful this will resolve in time as it has only been 3 days.
I now take B2 100mg 3 X day which keeps my vision good, B 100 complex 1 x Day and
50mg B6 P5P active 3 x a day
strong multi vitamin daily this cleared my chest.
as Ive figured out this regime keeps me feeling well. I am planning to cut down these vitamins when all symptoms are resolved
Im reluctant to go back to the rheumie now as I know she will want to start me on the lupus meds. I must say I have had no treatment except the vitamins it has been 8 months since I became unwell although looking back I think id been tierd forever. the only medicine I was given was diclofenic which diddnt do a thing so barely took any.
I dont know if all this makes any sense. I just wanted to get my story out there you never know it might help someone and if its appropriate for you and you dont try anything else please try the active P5P vitamin B6 tablets I cannot recommend them enough Thankyou for taking the time to read this essay Smile
Kind Regards
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replied April 11th, 2011
Extremely eHealthy
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replied April 19th, 2011
I have lupus n has not felt well the last few weeks..Hardly no energy.Whats helps with that?
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