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my leg pops out of socket

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my leg pops out of socket every so often. I also stopped running and playing sports because I'm afraid it will pop out. Is there anything that can be done to prevent this? I just wiggle my leg around to put it back in its proper place.
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replied July 15th, 2010
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Hi tmainor7 and welcome to ehealth:...Years ago when I had problems with my knees, the Orthopedist put me onto some kind of Ace type bandage...It really did help...You may want to check with your Pharmacist to see what he/she says about this....Take care...

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replied July 19th, 2010
Popping hip socket
This is an interesting comment that I hear in the office a lot. By socket, I assume (perhaps incorrectly) that you mean your hip. Painless popping joints are different from unstable joints. A joint will pop when fluid is re-distributed from one side of the joint to another. It creates a vacuum and this creates the "pop." That is what happens when you crack our knuckles or pop your cheek with your finger. Its not necessarily a bad or harmful thing. There has to be enough fluid in the joint for this to occur. If a joint is inflamed e.g. a sprained ankle, it may pop with range of motion even though it didn't pop before. Once the inflammation is resolved, the popping goes away too. Another reason for hipp opping is tearing of the labrum, the fibrous ring that holds the ball of the thigh bone (femur) in the pelvis cup (acetabulum) This is typically painful and any painful popping should be investigated by an orthopedic surgeon. I hope that this helps!
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