I'm just here looking for support our advice on my current situation. I am married of 5 years, I had two children when we married we later had one together. About 3 1/2 into our marriagei find messages on his phone from another man saying inappropriate things, I begged for the truth. (Mind you this is after we had worked through some problems and came clean of our wrong doings...promising each other to start over two our the days prior.) He wasn't honest up don't but then he realized he was backed into a corner. A couple months later I went to a rehabilitation center because I had abused drugs in my eyes because of all I was going through (at least that's what I thought at the time.) After a while talking and my heart being broken he admitted he had been sleeping with men for ten years at this point, during our pregnancy and after. The claim he made was sophomore year in high school up until 2013 (he's 30 now.) As he is telling me how this came about and giving me a speech full of excuses I asked him, because I had to know (or so I thought) were you the dominant one or non...he said he was both in each and every way. I wanted so bad to leave or make him but I couldn't he sick by me through rehab and my children had horrible things done to them (no by him) and he supported us through it all. Now about two years or so later I'm still having a difficult time with accepting this and having trust issues. He did say he wouldn't do it again....but he wasn't going top tell me either I found out and begged for answers. I just wasn't closure one way or another but I can honestly say I think I've been checked out physically and mentally with him for a while. I've done heard allot of women have been through our going through what I am currently going through, I need some sort and/or advice. Thanks in advance!
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