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My husband and his "secret" internet dating life

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My husband is a loving, caring and sweet man. He is fantastic with my son from a previous relationship & we are expecting a baby February this year.
The negatives...... He has serious mental health issues anxiety, depression, he's socially awkward etc it consumes him at times. To escape the reality of life he falls into the Internet world....this is where it leads him again and again....I'm pretty sure since he found the Internet he has used it as a tool to cope. He uses it To be someone he isn't someone cooler, more confident, sexual (which he isn't at all) etc which leads me to his "secret" not so secret Internet dating double life......married by day Internet dating troll by night.
This isn't the first time I've busted him and trust me it won't be the last time either.... He stops for long periods of time than finds a brand new avenue to pursue and off he goes, will he be craig? Or Brandon? Or jeff from down the road? Who knows.... It's whatever his fantasy is at the time I guess. Short, tall, fat, old, doesn't really matter to him as long as they are interested and willing to have a chat with him about nothing and everything. He flirts and sends/receives pics, and it makes him feel like a big man I'm guessing, cause why else would he pretend to be this sexual, confident guy when he's the furthest thing from it in the living flesh.
The reality is my husband is a big mess, he performs quite awfully sexually as he isn't at all a sexual person, he isn't confident or strong willed, he's depressed and negative and moody and very much a 6 year old boy trapped in a mans body. These are the negatives that I overlook because the positives outweigh them.
Honestly it hurts that he seeks the attention of other women to live a fantasy life aswell as having the real deal. I mean he can't have his cake and eat it too right? Or can he? Is it harmless and just a way of dealing with life? I'm not even sure. I'm no angel I've slipped up on occasion. I mean we're only human but I must say once We made the commitment of marriage I thought it was a done deal. Husband and wife, forever and always, love till the end. I guess it was just me who felt that way.
Anyway wrapping it up. I've read a lot of forums similar to this and not once did any of their husbands actually cheat, just the online fantasy life over and over but they never came back to the forums to update on what they really did.
So my question is what did you do? How do you feel about what decision you did make? What is your advice to me? Any men out there who read this please give your advice on what he's doing and why he might be so I can fully understand & make a thought out, informed decision.
Thanks so much xx
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